When She Loved

When she loved

I remember how...

crunchy fall leaves and umbrellas
brought smiles

shoreline walks were free from self consciousness

she was beautiful
and knew it

basking in love and light

strong will
oppositional, yes, but 
somewhat yielded 

to love

giggling, rolling laughter, jumping on beds,
 tearing through the hall half dressed


she was beautiful
and knew it

but darkness fell upon the lamb, somehow
the sheep strayed

burred fur
unfulfilled thirst

everyday escorts- 
lies, deceit and fear
chase away her beauty

she has forgotten
she is beautiful

in darkness ashamed
embracing her lovers
as they parade in and out of her life

unhappily ever after

the light is darkest before dawn, I know-
just how much darker it will get
before it shows-

never will we forget
she is beautiful
remind her until
she sees again

wipe the cobwebs from her face
remind her
our love does not rely on
her love,
but trusts
in the One
who is

Lord, begging your mercy
because mercy remembers
 when she loved...

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  1. The "One Who is Love" will always love....even in darkness.

  2. Dawn, wow....this was powerful, especially the last lines, 'because mercy remembers when she was loved.'

  3. I like the ending, there is hope and salvation from all those who see for His Words and Face ~ Thanks for sharing ~

  4. glad she has someone there to remind her that she is beautiful...so easy to forget at times....really nice close on this one too...

  5. Makes me wonder what happened. I liked crunchy leaves and umbrellas.

  6. This hits deeply. To the marrow. If your 'she' was replaced with 'he', it could be about where I live with one I love deeply (with the LOVE of the One...) where he feels no love. Thank you.

  7. So deeply moving! Praying for you my friend!

  8. Poetry, words of the heart. Well done Dawn, thanks for sharing.

  9. Aww, this is so sad. I hope she finds heeling.

  10. This is so beautiful and bittersweet. May God's hope and sweet mercy envelop her and bring healing.

    Thanks, Dawn, for always sharing from your beautiful heart. I loved the picture, too.

  11. Hi Dawn! This is a beautiful poem, what a story. How brave of you to share it with everyone. I hope for healing for this little lamb who belongs to Jesus.

    Peace in Christ,

  12. This has such hope and such hurt. I was praying for her, and mourning her and rejoicing her return! Lost sheep indeed, beautiful.

  13. Reminds me very much of my cousin. I will remember her before cobwebs. Well written.


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