Done Looking Back

Not sure how many tomorrows I have

sun breaks the clouds

and I smile

I'm just about done looking back

Looking ahead to the distant miles

Endless horizon before me

These days I've slowed my pace

so many I love have gone on

secure in assurance of grace

but I 'm staring straight into glory

right here, right now

in this place

I don't care anymore for accolades

and applause has lost it's appeal

I'm just about done looking back,

pardon me if I'm keeping it real

Zipping the backpack, it's lighter

than the one I carried before

an orange horizon lingers

as I squeeze quietly through the door

one string around my finger

reminder just in case 

I think I'm not sure 

but I'm done with looking back

your accomplishments 

don't impress me

So save your breath 

for someone else

and birds who don't long to be free...

I flip through pages and see

 unsatisfied souls 

who can't breathe

They're suffocating in 



and visions

of how it should be...

but I'm all done looking back,

content deep within-

I breathe free

and I'm walking into a place where breeze

 alights eternity

No, you can't come with me now

you need to find your own key

but I hold mine in His hand

and He holds my heart


I stand here in the sunlight...

shadows long in the sand

I don't fear tomorrow

nor the One who holds my hand

He's got tomorrow sown up

I'm walking

straight into His plan.

Linking with dVerse for Open Link Night...
but tonight's a night, quite honestly when I feel like finding a seat and planting myself, right at the bar...and sitting quiet. Forgive me if I am quiet tonight- it was just one of THOSE days...right from the pit of you know where. Sometimes is all you can do is sit shoulder to shoulder, without words, and know that the friends and strangers on either side of you understand, nod and say, "Man, I've had those days, too."So a nod tonight is all I can muster, I'll be by reading quiet like...just know I am making the rounds tonight, but commentless and tossing back a few rounds appreciating your presence.

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  1. that is a good path to walk...and for sure the backpack is lighter...smiles...and def not worth looking back..just ask lots wife...smiles.

  2. Yes! Yes! Yes! And I'm with you...and a hearty AMEN girl. You are just so on the mark with this one.

  3. Such a peaceful post my friend.

  4. You know your own mind here...and you are on the RIGHT path for sure. No looking back, only ahead into Glory.

  5. Keep looking forward. That's where the journey lies. Great read

  6. It's better to look forward as yesterday cannot be changed. It will make the backpack lighter for sure.

  7. Dawn, I love your blog and always have. I sense something new in your heart, can't wait to read more! Love you, friend!

  8. Wonderful poem Dawn, hope to join you one day, on the walk with the lighter back pack and straight into his plan, been there once for a brief while and long to be there again. Such peace such certainty and hope, such love.

  9. Here's to lighter back packs and looking forward.

  10. Your poetry, is a gift my friend. I love your words, they draw me in.


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