Wings for the Broken (5 Minute Friday- Broken)

You look, and see with your eyes.

But I know One who sees beyond

the visible.

You listen and hear through your desires,



like a hungry baby

without wisdom,

only tears and giggles and moments.

But I know One

who hears my heart cries,

knows the inner workings 

of my very soul and spirit...

You touch- reaching out for more, more, more-

ever grasping,

never content

rough- taking,

never satisfied with more...

But I know One who satisfies the ever longing

completes to the uttermost

upholds with the Everlasting Arms.

We long to fly

rise from our brokenness.

I know the One who heals, 


gives wings,

fills in the broken places

with grace and truth and love.

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  1. His healing is amazing. Thank you for sharing this week. Happy Friday! :)

  2. Beautiful...He fills the broken places. Yes. Thank you for sharing! Blessings and happy Friday! :)

  3. That was wonderful, thank you for posting. Have a blessed weekend. Tara.

  4. Ahhh... this is the stuff that restores the broken. Amen for your absolutely beautiful post, Dawn... thank you for this!


  5. Beautiful! Balm to my heart. Thank you!

  6. "We long to fly
    rise from our brokenness" Beautifully put and so true. Love this!


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