No Bad Beach Days {The Requirements of Friendship}

To myself I am only a child playing on the beach, while vast oceans of truth lie undiscovered before me. ~Isaac Newton

It was a grey day following a stream of hot, sunny days that bore down on our little state sticky and relentless. But, it was the day we had planned to go to the beach. The official Beach Day. 
This one grey day, with 70 percent chance of rain threatening our anticipated plans.

Yet, there was beauty in it.

When you live this close to the ocean- a hop, skip and a jump away,
others from everywhere do like to come and play.
But not on a grey day. 

Not on a day when sweatshirts and blankets from Fall will make an impromptu appearance in June. And although the concession stand was closed, the bathrooms were open. 
What do brave and crazy children care if the sun is beating, or not, because once they arrive they pick up as if the sun is shining anyway. Into the chilly water, back out, rolling in sand, and digging in coolers looking for more and still more. Ball throwing, walking, wrestling and talking. Surfing and soaking in salty air. Minus the sun.

Minus, sweat and sunshine and sunburns.
Minus forgotten reapplication of sunscreen.
Minus overcrowded beach sand.

Yet, still this.

Beach chairs, blankets, books and conversation.

Friendship does not miss what it does not need.

And what does friendship require...
but present, willing, available hearts.

Friendship does not require sunshine and better still, there really are no bad beach days.

Life is better when we roll with what we get and make the best of it.
Because there is beauty to be had in it.

And in the end the rain never came. 

"Giving thanks to God is what ushers one into the very presence of God. And this is why He asks us to always give thanks. He comes to those with open, grateful hands. ~Ann Voskamp

 (From One Thousand Gifts Devotional -pictured above-which I will be reviewing soon but will tell you this. I am really enjoying these short but beautifully profound devotions from this best selling and dearly loved author!)

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  1. This is great! I'd love for you to share it on my Cozy reading spot... it's open right now!


    I hope to see you there!


    1. What a sweet Blog hop! I am there- thanks for the invite.

  2. Love your descriptions...poetic
    There is something about the beach, isn't there?

  3. "Friendship does not require sunshine and better still, there really are no bad beach days." I totally agree! I always love to see all your beach pictures! And what a great read...Ann Voskamp!!!
    Have a blessed weekend!
    Ann @ Christ in the Clouds (http://christintheclouds.blogspot.com/)

  4. Loved this. I am a landlocked beach lover. It's always good for my soul to visit your blog and turn up the volume and close my eyes for a minute...instant stress relief. :)


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