Between the Tween and a Hard Place (5 Minute Friday-In Between)


Just right now, I am between leaving one dream behind and waiting to see another unfold.

Releasing old goals and allowing new goals to emerge.

In between all of the dreams and goals is one reason to step back and renegotiate.

Her curls drop down heavy and I see miraculous.
Her eyes look back at me, reminding me of Junior Mints...dark chocolate brown.
I'm enraptured with her smile and at twelve I still am in awe of her feet and toes.

See, I am still amazed at this miracle, baby girl, on the brink of woman.

All of my between is reserved for this one tween.

As I hope and pray the days away allowing myself to be remade for this day, this time, this need.
Right here, right now.
This child won't remain...
in this brief period of my life called in between.


I write for 5 Minutes with the rest of these crazy ladies at Lisa-Jo's Place:
Then it takes me 15 minutes to actually pick a picture...

Five Minute Friday

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  1. visiting from FMF

    So the wonder of it all, that this human being is really your child, and yet so perfectly her own, that doesn't go away when they get older?

    Good :)

  2. Isn't your daughter just precious! Loved the description of her eyes...

    I guess her tween is your in-between; I just never heard it described like that. Good job!!

    Peace in Christ,

  3. Wonderful, blessings upon your sweet daughter.

  4. She is one very blessed young lady to have such a smart mama! May God be with her every step of the way into womanhood and beyond. He has great plans for her...as I am sure you are aware.

  5. What a special photo! I see that you appreciate these moments of in between. Cherish them and your daughter.

    Blessings and love,

  6. Dawn, your words to, for and bout your daughter are so sweet. Those Tween years are some of the hardest but also some of the best.


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