Goals Revisited (RJD April)

I have been de-cluttering the past couple of weeks. I realize it may take a very. Long. Time. I do not like to let go, apparently. But I am learning...perhaps that is why my word of the year is Release. 

I am enjoying pouring over my daughters first scribbles and finger paints as we both laugh together and decide what to keep and let go. And frame. I also stumbled across some of my essays and papers from college, from both late teen years to later adult years when I resumed education in hopes of finishing my degree. 

I am sharing this list I wrote in 1985. I had just turned 20 that Summer.
This was an early September school assignment in my writing class and surely the first time I had ever made a list of goals, even considered goals for myself. I have saved it all these years. It is rather revealing, after all. I see so many facets and seedlings of who I would become...still am becoming.
Pieces of me are so evident in that first list.

Aspirations & Goals (1985)

1. To learn all I can (in my lifetime) about the world through books, people and travelling.

2. To find peace inside myself and inner happiness for without these one can neither be truly happy or successful, and to be able to reach inside and use these when I need them most.

3. To build and maintain a perfect, muscular, well defined body and nutritionally sound diet for a healthy long life.

4. To instruct others on fitness, nutrition and the importance of physical fitness and the practice of good, healthy eating habits.

5. To travel to some exotic land and escape for a nice long, vacation at least once in my life, while I'm young enough to enjoy it.

6. To become physically and intellectually the best I can be and inspire others to do so.
To get people excited about life and living.

7. To be a Miss Olympia Contestant. ha, ha.

8. To have a career I enjoy and that is challenging.

9. To write books and or articles of great enough importance that they will surpass my lifetime. Life commentary.


There you have my list of 9 Aspirations and Goals written over twenty years ago.

You are looking for number TEN, right?

Well that is just like me. I filled the page. Apparently Nine was what I had at this time.
This would drive my hubby crazy. Like the way I will put the radio volume in the car on an odd number. He has to have it on an even number. I mean really, who writes out their Top Nine Goals.

Where's Number 10?

I think that is a mystery only God knows.

Perhaps, I will write an updated list...
Numbered 10-21.

Some of these goals have been tossed, some revised.
Some have yet to be.
Some may never be.

I might do a follow up post on these 9 and where I am now with each of them and how I feel about them in light of eternity.

God changes EVERYTHING, Friends, Yes?

This is my Random Journal Day Post - would you like to join in and share a look into one of your journals from the past or present?

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  1. Dawn: from what I know about you, it seems you have accomplished most of those goals. A great list. Have a joyous weekend.

  2. Quite a list for 20 something! I think you've done quite well. At least you had goals! I didn't ever bother to write mine down, so I don't know if I have accomplished them or not! Besides, they've changed a bit since I was 20. They've been refined, recalculated, renegotiated. LOL

  3. So glad you shared, love you.

  4. Wonderful (and doable) goals; I hope you have succeeded in fulfilling a lot of them....however it is never too late if there are any that you haven't! Blessings Dawn!

  5. Goals, smoals is what I thought when my children were small and I could hardly get my laundry done. The list of goals I had in my 20s is something like yours. Some attainable, some large, dreamy pipe-dreams. I don't think I even numbered them, which would be just like ME! (though like your husband, I don't like odd numbers!) The exciting thing is that you have grown to see what God has done, wants to do, IS doing in your life, and now your goals/dreams/desires are based on Him. Hence, RELEASE.

  6. Dawn-This is great! And the short time I've "known" you it seems like you met a lot of these goals and as you said they were seeds for the future...the positive influence of writing down how we envision ourselves is powerful! Also kindred spirit gal...I think we might be the same age...I was twenty in 1985, too!


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