The Day That Got Away (Last Day of National Poetry Month)


The Day That Got Away

There it was,
there it went.
Where has it gone?
I wish I knew
 but I suspect,
as I stifle back my yawn-
it slipped away, 
my today
never to return
a mystery 
for which 
now I yearn.
Too late, too short, 
without further adieu,
I bid you sweet farewell
Be gone now, finished,
Procrastinated plans,
interruptions in my day,
set me on a treadmill
of multiple delays.

So now I see the clock has ticked it's final tock,
I will hope my tomorrow
wears a more productive frock.

For now I say, Ta-Ta
and I wave my hand goodbye
sweet dreams today,
Tomorrow's my ally.

©Dawn Paoletta-Beneath The Surface: Breath of Faith

Originally posted February 3, 2012 on the original day that got away, with a special song added! 

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  1. smiles...our days disappear if we are not intentional about what we do with them...and procrastination will def catch up with you...

  2. Yeah away the go never to show, can't find them high and low, hopefully it isn't many in a row.

  3. I agree about it leaving a smile! We wrote on similar theme with far different approaches.

  4. I had this day yesterday... what a perfect capture! I too hope tomorrow wears a more productive frock, great line!

  5. I sometimes have days that slip away and I wonder where did it go.

  6. Hi Dawn--so many of my days seem like that! You have a lovely blog!

  7. I have days just like that. I have to do better at managing my time. Today was a fairly good day for me. Even with having a doctor's appointment.

  8. Love the whimsy here. But time is nobody's ally!

  9. Some days are that way..drift away..nice capture.

  10. Help....I seem to have weeks like this : )

  11. ...sometimes the best days are the those we didn't plan to happen but is happening... smiles...

  12. Sooo true Dawn! So true! :-)

  13. Hi Dawn, beautiful my friend
    God bless


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