End the Debate (5 Minute Friday: Here)

I'd like to say that I had clear answers
 to the prayers I've prayed as of late
I'd like to say I knew for sure the way you want me to go
I wish I could be sure of which one was the open door
I long to hear your say about this inner debate.

The words swim through my mind
As I fall more and more behind...

Yet, you promise your presence.
You say that the same power in this Jesus
lives in me

What am I missing?

There is still loathing in my bones
wrapped in love

There is still anger welling up
swirling in the blood
mixed with hope

There is still a question
hanging in the balance.

Lord, I need you
to be free
and hear
your word for me

End the debate
here and now.
I trust you won't be late.

PS It's National Poetry Month and I wrote 5 little reasons Why I love it!
FYI, I tend to think about poetry and write in stanzas frequently. It's kinda like a cross between therapy and breathing form me. Happy Friday!

Five Minute Friday


  1. Lovely words. Here from 5 minute Friday.

  2. I can totally identify with that.

  3. If I dare to speak to what you might be missing: surrender?

  4. love this prayer poem...praying you heard from Him today...even it was just "wait and trust"

  5. Beautiful words my friend. You always write with such depth. Have a lovely weekend!


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