Releasing My Fears {5 Minute Friday: Afraid}


What am I afraid of?
I jumped in, feet first and have realized in one short week that I actually do know how to swim. 
Or at least keep from sinking. I can tread water.
 Maybe I can do this?
What am I afraid of?
That I can't?
But here I am, one week later...
and the water's not bad.
There have been some questions about some details, but all in all, 
I realize I am not in the water alone. There have been others to help buoy me. 
I have made it through a week and I am learning to 
"just keep swimming."
Am I afraid?
Yes and No.
Am I double-minded?
I am afraid enough to recognize I can't do this apart from Him.
That I can't lean hard into my own strength. 
That I need to swim toward Him and if I start to sink, will He not walk right over and pull me up?
Oh, sweet Jesus, I am counting on you.
My one and only true Life Preserver. 
If I swim, you empower me.
If I sink, you lift me up.
Therefore, I will keep on swimming. 

Five Minute Friday


  1. "But here I am, one week later...
    and the water's not bad."

    Love this line. I may have to tattoo it somewhere :)

    (Linked here from Five Minute Fridays page). Keep writing!

  2. Thank you for your words. We can't do anything without Him.

  3. Keep swimming! Love how you jumped in


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