My Needy List {RJD February 2013}

Sometimes I look back in my journals and what surprises me most 
is how some things don't really change. 

I need these still. Even today. Some days the order is different. Some days the portions are larger in some areas and smaller in others. But I do still need His grace to supply these needs. 
He is faithful to supply my needs. 

I crack up when I see the little additional notes I write to God sometimes. 
Reminds me of something I'd do with my best friend in school.
Because, yes He is. 

The first part of the entry is really a prayer, then I go straight to my neediness!

Dated April 3rd of 2004

Lord, I need these:

1.) A gentle spirit.

2.) A forgiving heart.

3.) A kind attitude toward others.

4.) Patience with myself.

5.) Comprehension of God's love for me.

6.) Comprehension of God's love for others.

7.) Appreciation of God's wisdom, power and majesty.

8.) Wisdom concerning life.

9.) Protection against the enemy of my soul.

10.) Discernment for decisions and choices.

11.) Sensitivity to God's Perspective

12.) Sensitivity to others and where they are in life and spirituality.

13.) Realization of God's love for all mankind.

Thank you Jesus that you've made these possible.
©Dawn Paoletta

*There's more! But You already know. 

(that's the additional note to God! Still kinda cracks me up)

Today I really needed this reminder. 
That even though I feel needy and weak,
He does not grow weary of me and is faithful to supply my needs...

How about you?
What do you need from God today?

And this same God who takes care of me will supply all your needs from his glorious riches, which have been given to us in Christ Jesus.
Philippians 4:19

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  1. Dawn: Some of those needs are things we do need in our lives. Some times we have to ask for them to be met every day, due to our being human.

  2. Reminds me of something I'd do with my best friend in school.
    Because, yes He is.

    i love knowing that he is my best friend too :)

  3. Oh, my, I have totes full of years and years of journals and many, many cries for help. Thank God that He hears, He answers, He loves us!

  4. So glad that He is my best friend.

  5. Dear Dawn
    Happy Weekend Brew and a blessed Sunday to you! I need all of Him to live His life in and through me , moment by moment, for without Him I can do nothing and am nothing!
    Much love XX

  6. I'm in a place right now where I need to pray pretty much this exact list. Will I ever learn?

  7. I love looking back over my old journals - to see answered prayers and where God has brought me :)

  8. heje my talks with God are more like "BTW..."
    Here from the weekend showcase hop. BB2U

  9. We are so blessed to serve an awesome God who is able to supply our needs!

  10. I think this is a universal needy list - well said!

  11. Oh friend, I love that you can look back on a journal from years ago and still pray those prayers. I have never been a good journaler. I wish I had a history with God written down. Love this!

  12. We never really get past needing these things while in this body, do we? I remember a prof saying that what the Holy Spirit is about is helping us become "Truly Human Ones;" that is, exactly who God intended us to be when we were created. Before the fall. And your list is a reflection of the qualities He--ahead of time--wants to build into you. So you're praying His will for you. And that, my friend, means He is ahead of you in answering as well.

  13. Dawn- I was just praising Jesus for our friendship today...even sang a few verses of "What a Friend We have in Jesus"

    I love how you leave God little notes and how you offer your lists to Him! I haven't used a list in my journal in a while. I think it is good way to process needs, wants, dreams...with God!


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