What If? {5 Minute Friday: Again}


Here I go again- 5 minutes@ 10:00  on my mark, set, go...

Again and again I ask myself...what if? Those two words that bring forth possibility or possibly condemnation. What if, I say yes and it's the wrong thing? What if I can't? What if I do and fail?
What if it's not His will and I make a mess of everything?

What if? 

What if I say no and it's the wrong thing? What if I can? What if I don't and regret it? What if it is His will and He has been trying to get through to me but I am afraid to trust Him? What if I try and it all turns out OK? What if I trust Him and He shows himself faithful? As He always does? What if I make a mess of everything? Will He not pick up after me, patiently again, align all things together for good, because He loves me. What if I never get anything right ever, and all is nothing but grace anyway? Will he still not be faithful? 

And that's all she wrote @ 10:05...

Thank you Lord, that you are faithful...

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Five Minute Friday


  1. Again and again we we question God's will for us. What if we trusted in Him and learned to believe He knows what is right for us? I am sure our lives would be a lot fuller.

    1. Colline, I guess that's the goal of the journey. Grateful for Grace...which is what makes it all possible. Happy Friday!

  2. Of course. These are the questions are the marrow of our souls, the ones that keep us awake, but also keep us walking into our faithful days. Living on the balance beam that widens the more we trust Him. Thank you for putting it so succinctly.

  3. We have to make a point to keep our focus where it should be...otherwise we could be buried alive under the worry and what ifs.

  4. so many possibilities...and we must make one choice...its hard, but...i guess it is all in how we make the decisions in our lives as well and what we are striving for...

  5. So many what if's again and again. Yes, our God is faithful.

  6. I can relate, what if I don't get anything right? At times it plagues me, But his mercies are new each day.

  7. He is always faithful...even IF we aren't, even WHEN we aren't, He is ALWAYS faithful...and He will carry us through...even WHEN we fail, even when we Succeed!. God is faithful. Amen.


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