How Do You Say Goodbye?

For none of us lives to himself alone and none of us dies to himself alone. If we live, we live to the Lord; and if we die, we die to the Lord. So, whether we live or die, we belong to the Lord.
Romans 14:7-9

How do you say goodbye,
to the one you have looked in the eye?
Who has thrown your first ball,
watched you grow tall,
tasted your first apple pie.

How do you say goodbye,
when the tears muffled, cause but a sigh?
When you sit and count  hours and breaths 
wondering why any, at all must die.

How do you say goodbye,
to a marriage, a dad, or a man?
Who has held you together,
with the calm of his way-
reached out to hold your hand?

How do you say goodbye,
to the husband, the friend, the one?
Who stayed through the years,
through laughter and tears,
the raising of each precious son?

How do you say goodbye,
to the man who spun you around?
Whimsical swirl, magical twirl
feet never touching the ground. 

How do you say goodbye,
to a lifetime friend?
From first grade to marriage
wives, cars and 
baby carriage,
a friend from beginning to end.

How do you say goodbye
to a sister, a brother, a love?
Each passing year,
with love and with care-
tenderness snug as a glove.

How do you say goodbye,
to a leader, a father, a grand?
Dedicated, gentle, smiling,
remember now, if you can.

Hang onto the man you remember,
hang onto the man that you know, 
hang onto his memory, dear ones,
in our hearts his memory does glow.

Dedicated to the family and friends, and all who know and love Angelo Paoletta.

Clinging to this memory of my  Father In Law twirling me around the dance floor on my wedding day, leading me, smiling and so full of life.
He dances on in my memory and heart forever.

Friends, I will be taking a blogging break during this time - however your understanding, patience and prayers are appreciated. Although I may not respond consistently during this time- I do get your comments right to my phone and e-mails, I am grateful for your kind words and friendship.

God Bless you my friends. 


A Love Divine: (RDJ Link Up #5) 4/27/12


I praise and thank you for your Word, your creation and the beauty of your hands and at your fingertips.
I thank you for this beautiful morning.
Give me joy and light and grace to shine upon my husband.

Thank you Jesus that you are the romancer of my heart.

More than my husband, more than my friends, more than my precious daughter~
You love me beyond end,
beyond measure with infinite pleasure.
I'm yours, you're mine
Our love divine.

Today I praise you because you are  a loving God whose very nature is love.

What is your will for me Lord?

To be a wife and mother,
to be a caring friend-
to live and serve others,
to forgive time and time again?

To turn the other cheek,
to smile and always pray
to share your love with everyone,
I meet along the way?

What is your will for me, Lord?

To drink in the beauty you create
and see your hand in all-
the trees, insects,
birds and butterflies-
On your mercy contemplate.

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Random Journal Day Link- Up #5

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Wordless Wednesday: S'more

Yes, I did. 

Visit Ramona, and see other Wordless Wednesday photos @ Create With Joy!


What's NOT On My Nightstand

My nightstand doth runneth over...

Well here it is that time of month again...and here I am sheepishly linking, because I adore this link -up but am the slowest reader on earth. I am not however the slowest accumulator of books. The above picture is my hallway. Books do find me. Even as I left church the last few weeks and there set out, in the back on a table...free books. Much to my husbands dismay. "If you take one, you need to leave one." He smiles. Um, no. That is not exactly how it works...But just so you know that God loves me despite my covetousness towards books, I have been asked to help out creating and organizing our church library! Hooray! Guess who's smiling, now? 

It has been a hectic month and I truly appreciate seeing all of my fellow What's On Your Nightstand friends reading choices...


Currently Reading (slowly):

Gone to Green, Green Series #1   -     
        By: Judy Christie
Gone To Green
 (Green Series:Book 1)
Judy Christie

Recent Book Reviews:

I am currently Reading for Review:

Reading the book and doing the Online Study with Rene:

Hoping to get to this soon...it's on the nightstand:

Praying for Your Prodigal Daughter: Hope, Help & Encouragement for Hurting Parents
Author Site

What's On Your Nightstand?

What's On Your Nightstand

The Beauty Book by Nancy Rue: Book Review

"God doesn't compare us. Jesus doesn't compare us. 
The world we live in compares us, but who are we supposed to follow?"
~Nancy Rue

This book is written with 7-11 year old girls in mind, and is an encouraging reminder of where young girls (and moms) need to fix there eyes. I shared it with my (beyond her years) 11 year old girl and she really liked the tips for hair, skin and nails. I confess, I was a bit convicted about my own bad nail biting habit as I read and newly inspired to tackle quitting the nasty habit.
Nancy tackles beauty, personal hygiene and relevant tween topics with scripture, thoughts to ponder and self-reflection. Each section ends with a Journal Box called Lily Pad which poses a question and leaves room for writing  (journal style with reflection).
Some are creative: "Describe your dream outfit...make it an outfit God would love!"
Some silly and fun: "If you had to name each of your fingers and toes, what would their names be?"
And others are a bit deeper.

Throughout the book, Nancy encourages going to God in prayer about so many of the challenges, changes  and issues that come about in this age of becoming young women.

Interactive and scripture focused, this read makes for a wonderful addition to a young girl's library.
Quizzes, Fill In's and whimsical drawings make this appealing to a wider age range but don't let the cuteness fool you; the information presented is both practical and useful.

Publisher Book Description:

The Beauty Book

By Nancy Rue
Published by Thomas Nelson

Learn with Lily and her friends just what it means to be beautiful in God’s eyes—inside and out!
In a society so focused on the idea that external beauty reigns supreme, it can be difficult for young girls to figure out what “true” beauty is all about. This unique and creative book for girls ages 7–11 answers the common questions girls ask during this often confusing and overwhelming stage in their lives in an inviting and conversational manner.
Filled with fun quizzes, imaginative activities, and cool illustrations, The Beauty Book offers cool, relevant information about everything from great hair styles to tattoos, from skin care to clothes, and much more. Above all, the message that God-confidence is beautiful is highlighted on each and every page.

Disclosure: I received this book free in exchange for review. Opinions expressed are my own.

I review for BookSneeze®


Miscellaneous, Inspiring, Multitudinous Monday

Ashley does not appreciate extreme close- ups.
See her giving me the evil eye?
This was the last shot.

Trying something new in the sense of organizing my busy Monday post! 
Let me know what you think! 
Special guest Kitty appearances today by Ashley and Aurora!

lowercase letters

Miscellaneous with Carissa:

Excited to be taking part in Rene Swopes Study!
Are you joining us?

Shine On For Him!

I have a thought for you today- I started to write a post which never was actually posted- the seed thought was "The smallest goal reached is bigger than the biggest dream forgotten." 
This was as I pondered once again the past year. May 20th will mark one year of Blogging, and sharing my writing. I have shared and been blessed immeasurably by this blogging journey. No this is not a "book" (yet), yet this has been it's own journey and commitment to be brave and crazy enough to share my heart, hopes, faith, fears and doubts with all of you. In return I have been enlarged in heart by your encouragement, support and friendship. 

I encourage you to Reach Higher- and take the small steps toward your own dream.
One day you will look back and realize you are already living your dream- even though it might not be exactly the way you envisioned it. That does not diminish the dream, friends...
There are many different stars in the galaxy.
You don't need to be the brightest one to shine for Him.
The biggest star may shine brightest but the beauty of all of those 
stars glimmering from above is the glory of the night sky! 
Shine, baby shine! 
Your light is not diminished.

This week at Beneath The Surface: Breath of Faith I will be sharing with you a book review, our next guest for The Inspiring Women Series, Random Journal Day Link Up #5 (can you believe it?), and a very special gift from God's heart in me to you, my fellow Bloggers - stay tuned! This gift will be one which I believe will grow beautifully in the Blogosphere and bless many, while glorifying our God! 

Narragansett, RI
Are you enjoying the new ocean sounds? 
It just seemed fitting, yes? 

Inspiring with Ramona

This weekend I finally created a few Bookmarks. I have too many projects on my To Do- but glad I got to make these! These are gifts for some special friends- I hope they like them!

I found these stickers at Job Lot and I love religious art, myself so adored these!
I used cardboard (I always save that from packaging), Scrapbook paper, and some other stickers to create these. I really love bookmarks- making them, giving them and using them! 

Multitudinous with Ann

103. ability to breathe...deeply, slowly, fully 104. rainy days, lovely 105. a husband who looks past my flaws, and somewhat furry, dusty floors with patience and love 106. forgiveness daily...OK, momentarily 107. school vacation 108. school vacation's end 109. this little church, congregation, pastor and fellowship we are now slowly but steadily growing into 110. the heart of Him beating in those who are praying for us, and others- blessing 111. beautiful swan alone grooming, oblivious to my watching 112. crossing turkeys Saturday morning 113. knowing I am sometimes silly, but can't help it 114. knowing He loves me just the way He made me 115. trusting in His transforming power and ability to take care of the ugly in my beautiful, God created self 116. the power of his love 116. the beauty of His presence 117. grace for my day, night, past, present, future
118. the return of the birds to our backyard feeder and birdbath 119. hope in Him 120. God's teaching through my Pastor this week, excellent 121. the story of those two disciples on the road to Emmaus and how it ignites me too!

Aurora assists with my Bible Study...
and this can be a both blessing and nuisance! 
Happy Monday! 



 You, dear children, are from God and have overcome them,
because the one who is in you is greater 
than the one who is in the world. 

We know that we live in him and he in us, because he has given us of his Spirit. And we have seen and testify that the Father has sent his Son to be the Savior of the world. If anyone acknowledges that Jesus is the Son of God, God lives in him and he in God.

 And so we know and rely on the love God has for us.

   God is love. Whoever lives in love lives in God, and God in him. In this way, love is made complete among us so that we will have confidence on the day of judgment, because in this world we are like him. 

(1 John 4:4,13, 16-17)

The one thing I am counting on: His love...
I am fully reliant on His love.

Are you reliant on His love today?
It will transform you completely.
It is in fact, an extreme makeover.

I am grateful that He has my back, front, sides and innards.

He has me covered, friends.

I face each day steadfast in His love because it is all that matters...
He becomes greater, and I become less;
in this I have confidence
and am made complete...

Lord, You truly bring freedom and I do pray that I, 
and all those who desire to know you 
would grasp the vast sum of your love in Christ Jesus.
You, Lord, are greater and in this recognition 
I rely wholly on your love. 
May we be more like you  in the world now,
by your Spirit,
 that your love may be made known. 

I found some new friends and am sharing with them today, so you might enjoy meeting some new friends (if you do not already know one another!).

Joining these lovely Bloggers: Charlotte: Spiritual Sundays; Michelle; Hear it on Sunday; Barbie: Fresh Brewed Sundays, and Deidre: Jump Tandem! So many wonderful places for Christians to be encouraged!
Enjoy visiting! 


Pardon My Tangent: Hunger Games

Spoiler Warning: 

Oh, please dear one, if you are easily offended, would you mind just skipping this post? 
There will not be profanity, sex or violence, however I will be speaking of things which will reflect my personal opinion. If you find that listening to others who have a "different" opinion than you causes you undo stress, I plead for you to pass on by and  come back tomorrow. By the way, if you're interested in where I stand with regard to communication guidelines, I highly recommend these two posts:

These should explain quite clearly where I stand which will allow you to make a most prudent decision. 


OK, here is the scoop. I read The Hunger Games, and thought the books told a decent story on their own. As a Believer when I read, I hear God and sense His Spirit- I listen and consider what is impressed upon me and am able to communicate with others (who may or may not have the same opinion as me) and in this way exercise my ability to apply what I know with what I read.
When one reads the books, you can see that they would make for captivating cinema by worldly standards.
I saw the movie. Now I do my best to steer clear of much Christian viewpoint for the fact that:

 1. I am a Christian
 2. I have the mind of Christ
 3. It's hard enough to hear God's voice clearly when people feel the need to jam their own opinion down your throat whether you asked or not, thank you.
4. I choose to try to keep an open mind and form my own opinions based on God's leading and my own God given pee brain ie. think for myself as opposed to regurgitate a spin-off of what people (who I may or may not with by the way) are saying.

*PS - of course I check in with Focus on The Family occasionally- I am not a heathen, after all!

 Honestly...like a muscle one needs to exercise discernment to grow in it. Instead of avoid every single "godless" thing. Last time I checked God is sovereign. Really. Although the Hunger Game series is considered "godless", when a believer reads these books God insights and discussion become possible. It really wearies me that some do want to make their point so much that they are unwilling to see, listen, or consider anything but their preconceived thoughts. Yet these same people will demand to be heard and understood, respected. Seems to me if you want to be listened to and understood, you need to be willing to think and make your own conclusions after reading (or seeing) what you are sharing an opinion on. God really is able to use all to bring glory to himself, in His way, and in His time. The story itself has less to do with killing than it does with political oppression...but to get that you would have to READ it.
Now if this kind of story is  just not your cup of tea, that's fine. But I find that some will espouse on something they have no idea about based on what they heard or overheard. Which is usually coming from ignorance.

We are told to be as wise as serpents and harmless as doves. Wise and harmless. I thought the series had compelling lessons for Christians specifically, and Americans. We have seen the future and it shall be...history repeating itself? Don't throw out the baby with the bathwater. Stretch yourself. 
God allows for opportunities to share truth, 
and He can use godless fiction literature to lead others 
to His wisdom. 
He used an ass, didn't he? 

I know, you are hating me, now. Sorry. 
Don't forget to read 1 John tonight before bed. 
I forgive you.
OK, enough about that. 
I promise to be good tomorrow- it's Sunday after all. 

Be Still By The Sea And Know

Point Judith, RI

How many are your works, Lord!
In wisdom, you made them all;
the earth is full of your creatures.

There is the sea, vast and spacious,
teeming with creatures beyond number-
living things both large and small.
Psalm 104:24-25

"Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, 
I will be exalted in the earth."
Psalm 46:10

A beautiful morning for a walk along this rocky, New England shore. How I love to walk with Him in the early morning...before the busy calling of the day. When I can, I steal away often to walk and listen to His Spirit, the whisperer of all Truth, and know how much He loves...
Despite the fog is all I see is glory. 
I long to live in the still moments of exaltation in the 
urgency that will come in the course of today.

Discovering new Sisters and Friends in Christ in The Blogosphere! Joining Sandra for Still Saturday and some Deep See Diving! Drop by and discover the beauty of  fun, fellowship, some really great posts and pictures!


Together : 5 Minute Friday


Who would have known that the day we met would have turned into this? Not me. Perhaps you?
Not sure. We have been together for so long...heart, mind, spirit. Friendship. Marriage. Through the bad times, and good. As friends, growing steadily into one. Yet, so fragile, are we. Resilient and fragile.
Never taking for granted that tomorrow is not promised for anyone. 
Together through graduations, competitions, heartbreaks and wild days. 
Through journeys, mistakes and adventures. 
In laughter and tears.
It's been so many years. 
Together we are learning to face our fears.
As we walk with Him.
We remain...together.

Join in and write for 5 minutes along with us at The Gypsy Mama's place!
Surely you have 5 minutes to write!

Wanted: Joy (RDJ Link-Up) 4/29/12

The earth is the LORD’s, and everything in it, 

   the world, and all who live in it... 

Psalm 24:1

I do not like to share too much back story with the journal link up as I just like to let the words resonate in the way God will use them anew for whoever reads but ...this was a difficult time on every front for our family.
We were about to lose our home, change our church and our marriage was limping along barely. Challenging times cripple some, and cause others to cry out to God. Sometimes they they can cause both. But the beauty of it is - His Love never fails...

January 20, 2008

Dear Lord, I need you desperately...
Angelo needs me...
Everything is wrong.
Lord show me how to do my part to make it right.

Church today...
All the things I'm hating Lord...
is it all within me?

Lord help me please...for Angelo's sake to be more sensitive to his needs. Please don't let the wall stay up...Please...please help me be humble.

Sometimes I doodle in my journals...yes I do! 

Please help me to stop all the stuff I am doing to hurt our marriage. Either way, I love him. He is my best friend. And yet I can't figure out sometimes whether or not we are supposed to be husband & wife.
Lord I took communion today but I'm scared...for every part of life. Lord... please, please, please, please forgive me for all the ugliness...at church, marriage and life.

I just can't do anything good....
But I sure wish I could.

Lord, please help us get right with you...guide us...show Angelo...guide him...speak to him and incline his ear to listen.

Lord, help me to see Angelo through rose tinted glasses. Lord help him be totally blessed by how I see him. Lord, please keep me from negative thoughts and comments. Lord, don't even let anything take root in me not of you.

That year brought great loss for us as individuals and a family. But we survived and remained intact. Once again God gave us beauty for ashes and strength for fears. He turned our mourning into gladness. He revealed more of himself to me. He helped me to clearly understand the truth about His imputed Righteousness, freely given. (2 Cor 5:  21- God made him who had no sin to be sin for us, so that in him we might become the righteousness of God). Painful year, yes. Fruit bearing...yes. Amen. 

Great is thy faithfulness...

Tomorrow's to dos including to Find My Joy! 

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Random Journal Day Link Up 4

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Battling The Bathroom Bully {Spring In My Step Guest Post}

How is it that this one device should hold so much power over us?

How could it be that we live in days where pride should be in a number 
on a scale instead of the integrity of the heart? 

I have asked these questions of myself as I have stood by the 
bully in the bathroom 
for decades with many people as a Personal Trainer and Fitness Consultant. 

I have watched this silent, but strong presence take hold of every shape, size and form and seize each equally with a fear which knows no prejudice. 
I have stood by women in tears as they attempt to approach that bully 
fearlessly and are brought to depths 
when they stand face to face with perceived uncooperative numbers...
to continue reading CLICK HERE...

You can head over to my friend Barbie's Place, where I weigh in with a few 
thoughts on dealing with the Bathroom Bully once and for all! 


Wordless Wednesday: Blow

Linking up for the first time for Wordless Wednesday: 
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PS It's really hard for me not to write some words. 
Just saying.

And also just discovered:
Beautifully Rooted!