If I Had a Ton of Money

If I had a ton of money, this is what I'd do...
I'd hang up my workout tights
and move to a zoo
(yes, like the movie)
I would hire lots of folks to care for those pets
 I would most likely hire a live in vet

or two...

If I had a ton of money
I'd hop on the next plane
But wait-
I get fearful so instead
I'd take a train

Where would I go?
Not exactly sure
But my girl has a hankering
to see a little more

If money was no option I guess I could say yes
when she mentions for the umpteenth time
New York for the "Best"-
New Years Eve and overnight,
my head hurts thinking 'bout
that unholy sight

If I had a ton of money there'd be peace at home
without the interruptions of that noisy phone
ringing off the hook
I'd pay back every loan
but the bills add up
as we moan and groan

If I had a ton of money
I'd buy my mom a place
 anywhere she wanted
 with breathing room,
   and space

If I had a ton of money,
our pets would have the best,
of care and food and needed meds
and all of the rest

love will have to do
when times are tight
when your teeny, tiny zoo
is quite a sight,
and vets cost a lot; so does food
it seems so sad
when you have to choose

Some people don't get it
not at all
they haven't lost a thing
Haven't had a fall

I've had my childhood stolen away
but in the end I gained new life
when I found The Way

I have seen death
steal the last breath
of the one who loved me most
which put my faith to the test-
to my shame
 I was her boast

she deserved more...

If I had a ton of money
I'd give it all away
to whoever needed it,
watch as it would fly away-

money sprouts wings...

If I had a ton of money
I know I couldn't buy
back my old friend, Steve,
or the answer to why
God gives and takes away
 this I know is true-

If I had a ton of money
what would I really do?

Spend my days at this keyboard,
 between visits to my zoo.
I'm too late for a date at dVerse!
but linking with Emily and more anyway !

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  1. This was wonderful. it's so tempting to feel like money would solve everything. Especially in the season hubs and I are in now. This is a good reminder. Thanks

  2. I love this, and most especially your ending! :-)

  3. That was so neat! I really enjoyed it. Thanks for sharing. I'm your latest follower. I hope you find some time to stop by me too! Have a great weekend.

  4. You know what? You might not have money, but you have it all.

  5. oo fun fun....i wanna live in a zoo...and take a train....smiles....not much would change in the end though would it...i am not sure i want a bunch of money...it might change me....smiles.

  6. Haha loved it.
    If I had a ton of money, this would be my plan
    to open up a thousand toyshops
    and give everything we made away for free
    and if there was anything left
    I'd take a trip to the sea

  7. I'd happily join you in that, love this
    Emma at LLM Calling

  8. I especially love your ending - even when it seems like we're struggling, when we look around we find out we have other kinds of riches. I love the sound of the sea while I'm reading on your site.......

  9. That was very beautiful. If we only had enough money...but then for some, what is enough?
    I am following you. Come b if you wish.
    ~Naila Moon


  10. cute just love your poetry style...and content...be blessed...Nicole...following thru GFC

  11. Dawn, so much expressed in this poem, heartfelt and the struggle of choice and yet no choice in the end, the questioning of God and yet the acceptance. Thought provoking and emotional. Smiles.

  12. oh girl. i LOVE this. i loved the rhythm, and the rhyme, and the reminder that life is more. (but oh, how money would help some days, no? :)) bless you dawn.


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