Awaiting His Voice

Original Art Work by C. Michael Dudash

In the morning, O LORD, 
you hear my voice; 
in the morning 
I lay my requests
 before you 
wait in expectation.
Psalm 5:3

So many verses speak to waiting on God. 
Waiting and being still enough within and without 
to hear that still, small voice.
He is faithful.
Wait with expectation.
Surely you will hear Him.
Have a blessed Sunday!


  1. A perfect picture choice for a simply sweet post! Thanks, my friend!

  2. I love that we are told to wait with expectation! He hears the prayers of His people :-)

  3. He always strengthens us in our waiting times. My heart is hopeful as I wait for Him to fulfill His promises towards me.

  4. Stopping by for a visit from Jumping Tandem!
    What a wonderful bible verse.
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours! Please add the ladies from my chronic illness group in your prayers today. May they experience the Heavenly Father's love and comfort. In Jesus name. Amen!

  5. Being still and waiting on God-this is what I have been doing in my prayer time. Lovely message for today. Blessings to you Dawn.


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