A Quiet Storm

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Lisa Jo has picked a word today that I adore. I love, cherish and live for quiet...

What does quiet sound like to you?
The absence of sound?
Stillness all around?
The ticking of the clock?
What do you hear in the quiet places of your own mind?
A critical voice?
A difficult choice?
Where do you find quiet?
In your backyard, 
or when you disregard
the noise invading your precious place-
your private space...

I long for soft footsteps, padding down silent halls
a mansion filled with silent awe
and worshipful hearts.

Yet, there is the click, click, clicking of the dog's claws waking me to 
morning duties...
the hum of cars, the brewing pot-
for each of these have their part
In my quiet place
right here at home.

Grateful I go
not alone,
the cats, the bunny
our sweet noisy zoo-

My sweet hub and girl
a family of two
Three with me and a quiet storm

I have missed a few weeks but glad to be back!
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  1. this is such a great post! I'm always impressed with poetry because I can't write it myself! :)

    my home is not quiet either, but i like your perspective of being grateful for the noise because it menas you are not alone.

    wonderful post <3


  2. God has truly blessed you with the ability to create word pictures before our eyes...and makes us long to walk alongside you in
    "a mansion filled with silent awe
    and worshipful hearts."

    Thank you for a lovely way to start my day. (even if it is almost 10 a.m. and I've been up since 5 a.m.) :)

    1. Thanks, Pam - when I re-read this I want to totally edit it BUT the way we play on Friday is no editing. Ouch. Sure glad God can use the imperfect poetry that flows from me!hugs!

  3. Wunderbar!! Thank you, Dawn....from another Pam who is an early riser, because before 5 a.m. is the ONLY time it's quiet here. ;)

    Much love!

  4. I listened to the ocean waves while reading your beautiful poem. Have never thought of quietness in so many ways. I feel poetry is so unappreciated. Glad you're keeping it alive by writing it. Hope to visit you again soon.

  5. I love your poetry. It fills my heart!

  6. Dear Dawn,

    Beautifully written. Thank you for sharing a piece of your life and the peace you enjoy!

    In Christ...Susan

  7. Beautiful! :) I long for quiet...long for it...or just the sound of the waves on your page is nice too!

  8. Like the poetry too, not sure I could do that in 5 min-Love it!!!

  9. Hi Dawn, just wanted to let you know i nominated you for the Liebster blog award. you will find it here: http://mydailywalkinhisgrace.blogspot.com/2012/11/liebster-blog-award-from-angie.html
    Look forward to seeing you there.
    God bless

    1. Oh my Tracy- I just got back to this! Sorry! And THanks a million!


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