Rest and Hope {Psalm 62:5}

Yes, my soul,
 find rest in God;
    my hope comes 
from him.

Psalm 62:5

Linking with Barbie, Deidre, and Sandy.


  1. He alone is my Hope! I rest in that truth today! I am so behind in catching up on some of my 31 day favs. I hope to catch up with yours soon.

  2. Oh, I love the sea side. Wonderful combination of verse and photo.

  3. Yes...rest...and a quiet path drawing our hearts to His. Beautiful, silent, still. Thank you!

  4. Being a "rock addict", this photo grabbed my attention. I would definitely be following those draw-rocks that would keep my attention. And, since HE is my Rock, that counts very importantly.

    Thanks much.

  5. that is a beautiful bit of scripture...and a great reminder of where our hope comes from...i started singing that song...i cant think of the name of it...'i lift my eyes up, my help comes from the Lord...'...maybe that lyric helps...cool pic too...smiles.

  6. A lovely perspective in the picture - matching so well with the verse!

  7. Wonderful reminder of Him and great photo, too.

  8. great words, and of course I love the ocean.

  9. This verse speaks to my heart and soul today, Dawn! Very beautiful!

    And thank you for dropping by my blog! Thank you so much for the encouragement! :D Means so much to me! Really appreciate it! God bless your heart, sister! :D


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