When is Enough, Enough?

When is enough, enough? 
When your life is stock full of stuff?
When your heart cries, "More!" 
and you run to the store
 seeking what lies behind the door.
When is enough, enough?

When ends meet or are stretched or defined?
Knowing ourselves means facing the truth

and seeking His face and mind.
When is enough, enough?
If less is best
will we pass the test,
waiting in quiet trust?
We are not defined by the days and times
but by that which we believe-
Contentment comes
when we become One with our faith, 
 not deceived.
Enough is enough as we give thanks,
and by the world remain unfazed.

*I was feeling poetic this morning. Sometimes that just happens.
Quite the challenging 5 minutes:two interruptions and one phone call later- yeesh!
So, I did go a few minutes over. A little frustrating in what is 
usually a blissful five minutes of writing for me! 
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  1. Dawn, I love this. Thank you so much for the reminder.

    Stopping by from 5 Minute Friday.

    1. Hi Heather,thanks for visiting and I appreciate the reminder, too. From God's heart to mine, first, then others!

  2. Oh how I envy your poetry talent! This is really good and I adore the photo : )
    Visiting from 5 Minute Friday.

  3. Girl, I couldn't do that without ANY interruptions! :) Loved it. And the last line? and by the world remain unfazed....YES! and amen.

    So blessed by you!

    1. Blessed by you, too Nikki! Thank you for dropping by and commenting!

  4. Great reminder. Cute photo illustration.

  5. You are amazing. I don't know how you did this in 5+ minutes! It's beautiful!

    1. Thanks, Barbie. It's such a gift, I feel like it is not my own and yet it is also uniquely my own in Him. Does that make sense? And since it is not mine, I won't let myself overly analyze or criticize, as I would at times.

  6. I was looking to see who the poet was...and then discovered, it was YOU! That was fantastic!!! From someone who has struggled through the years with that topic, "When is enough, enough?", and coming from a long line of collectors...I've had to learn to draw the line. Actually, my pocket book did it for me. When the $$ runs out, it has to be enough! Thanks for a wonderful little poem. I love it.

  7. Dawn, you are a wonderful poet! I'm impressed and I loved your words on ...enough.

    Blessings and love,

    1. Debbie, thanks so much- nice to see your lovely face blessing my blog today!

  8. This is one of my favorites from you! Just amazing!!

    1. Aw, Ashley, thank you- I think that 5 minutes at Gypsy Mama's just really forces us to corral our thoughts. Thank you for your kind words.


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