What's On Your Work-desk Wednesday #161

In case you thought that I am not messy, I want you to know the truth. 

I was so overwhelmed with the kindness shown through visits and comments 
when I joined in with WOYWW for the first time two weeks ago;
 I felt I needed to share my messy desk as I prepare to vacation in Maine, 
and squeeze in some creativity before I go. 

I have a number of projects I am "working on",
which means, sitting in the To Do pile waiting for some attention. 

One is my Psalm 119 Calendar Revamp. 
I did a page in that today and it felt nice to take a creative break from 
the "other" to do list of my life.

I was hoping to make a collage cover for my journal, 
but that will have to wait, since tonight there were Fireworks 
and festivities to attend with friends celebrating Independence Day.

I posted the other pages I did earlier this year (before I got sidetracked):

Thank you Julia for Hosting! 
Thank you everyone for allowing me to see your inspiration places! 


  1. Hi there. Nice to pop in and see your creative world this week. I won't stay long; don't want to give you my cold! Hope you have a good creative week though. Lovely to see your scripture books,very inspirational.
    Neil # 33

  2. busy looking desk. Have a great week. Vickie #36

  3. Happy Independence Day from the old (very old) mother country x

  4. Great desk. Lots of cool things and a tonne of room to work in, if you're a fan of the push back technique! Have fun in Maine.

    cheers, rachel #53

  5. Busy desk, lots to keep you busy. #17

  6. have a lovely holiday your desk is not that messy you should see mine! lol
    TFS Happy WOYWW xx Charlie.xx #72

  7. Just look at all your creativity! Thanks for sharing!
    Glenda 100

  8. I think it's easy for creative people to get a bit messy. At least, that's what I tell myself. :)

    I still love to stop by and read your words and listen to the sound of the waves. Have a wonderful Independence Day!

    Blessings and love,

  9. happy woyww, good to see someone elbows deep in crafty goodness, mark

  10. Hi dawn! I always love looking at desks- and yours is interesting! Is that an animal or a stuffed toy on the right? :^) If only I could spend the whole day blog hopping and commenting! :^) patsy

  11. hi, Dawn! how nice it is to see your busy desk! it feels like i have visited your home. Sounds like a great project, your calendar revamp, something i would like to do. thanks for the inspiration!

  12. Have a wonderful holiday and look forward to seeing your desk upon your return! LOL

  13. Dear Dawn

    I LOVE your share and am SO very glad to see that you have joined us on the WOYWW circuit!

    Your desk and office look SO inviting - just like your blog!

    I hope you have a fabulous time in Maine (how could you not?) and am still trying to figure out how to squeeze myself into your suitcase and join you on your trip!

    As always, continue to

    Create With Joy

  14. Your desk looks very creative, Dawn, and I love your page with Psalm 119.

    Happy belated WOYWW,
    Shoshi #25


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