In The Face Of Evil: Movie Massacre Madness

This morning, I grabbed my cup of coffee and headed downstairs to my Mom's pad. As in Mother-In-Law apartment. She had the day off from work and I ventured down for a chat and visit. As I curled into a corner of the couch, I looked toward the television, which is usually on anyway. My mom asks incredulously, "Have you heard the news?" The answer is no, as I barely ever watch it. My potential for getting sucked into moment by moment ground  breaking news is overwhelmingly strong. I steer clear. But on this morning, we sit and stare at the screen as the reports come in on CNN describing the Aurora, Colorado movie theater massacre. 

Once more, evil seems to take lives needlessly.
To what end?

We cannot understand all that transpired. 
We cannot be consumed by the reality of evil.

In times such as these we lean hard on faith and cleave ever closer to our King.

Coincidentally, as I sat down to write this post touching on the tragic events of this day, I received an e-mail from my friends at Blogging For Books sharing a wonderful word from Randy Alcorn's
book, If God Is Good.
I pray it blesses you today.

Ironically this morning before my time with my mom, I had met with my Lord. 
The focus of my praise and prayers this morning was on the His goodness. 
Is God good all the time?
In face of evil and injustice our faith is stretched. 
Sometimes, it feels shattered.
Yet, God remains faithful to His character.
To His name.
We rely on Him to be Good, as sure is evil is evil, God must remain good.
He is an unchanging God.

Let's pray for those families, friends, officers and others involved in the details of what has happened and what is to come in the days ahead.

May God glorify Himself, bring healing, justice and mercy to those touched.

In the end we are all touched by such tragedies.

In His Grace with you today, Friends...

If God is Good by Randy Alcorn (Chapter 4)


  1. thank you for this post.
    how many times do we have to through this until we learn to curb the sale of guns, the making of violent movies, and our own forms of evil not inspired by God?

    1. I think it really comes back to the issue of free will, good and evil. May our Lord return soon and in the meantime may many turn to Him.
      Thanks for your comment, Becky. In His Grace, Dawn

  2. A friend and I were talking. She had read where this It seems that Hollywood has taken a comic book hero and turned him into a negative influence on our younger generation. I understand it was rated PG-13. I hope to hear that someone does something to cause the 'entertainment' industry to think about what they seem to have caused.

    1. Cecelia with all due respect, I do not believe the entertainment industry was the cause of this- the enemy is cunning; he uses the powers that be to serve evil, as we who believe avail ourselves to be used for good. Unseen forces are at work. God's people need to recognize this and not be sidetracked laying blame but by continuing in their calling to serve godliness wherever God has led them. Ephesians 2:8-10; Ephesian 6. Love and peace to you.

  3. How appropriate that you should link up with that particular book today. Looks like a must read for all of us. I appreciate your thoughts on this tragedy today. Another senseless, horrific crime...so typical of the tragic void in the hearts and minds of so many hurting, lost souls. Praying for those families in Aurora. What a heartbreak.

  4. Dawn, ironically we received the same email and posted similarly today. I appreciate your words and pray with you and others for some sense to come out of the tragedies in our world today. Thanking God for people like Randy Alcorn and WaterBrook who keep publishing good books and spread His Word.

    1. Sherrey, thank you. Yes, praying for those in Colorado and grateful for Blogging For Books in their sharing of these eternal truths and words in Randy's book.

  5. I want to read this after this post! Thanks for sharing Dawn!

    1. Great chapter- I really want to read his other book, Heaven. I think this one looks like it addresses the problem of sin from a biblical perspective nicely, but have only got the sampling!

  6. Very good post about an incredibly tragic event. Thank you for sharing my dear.


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