Reverse Interview With Marja Meijers

In a strange twist of fate, 
I am being interviewed
So if you can't get enough of me (um, no gagging, please!) 
hop on over to Marja Meijers place. 

Marja is a published author and Inspiring Women herself, 
so I feel honored that she would consider interviewing me. 
Better yet, she is great at editing as well, so you won't fall asleep. Hopefully! 

Please stop by and let Marja and I know what you think, and be sure to peruse her site.
I have reviewed Marja's book
"Grace of Giving" Here.

It will be like having coffee with me!
If you dare...


  1. I feel like I haven't visited in forever. Off to read your interview!

  2. yeah, like having coffee with you... bottomless cups :)

  3. Awesome interview my friend! loved every word and you said it all so well! Yay you!


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