Pickled {5 Minutes For Faith Guest Post}

Whoever is wise, let him heed these things and consider the great love of the LORD.
Psalm 107:43

Sometimes God takes drastic measures to get our attention.
Other times he just uses the ordinary daily things.
This time, in my case he used a pickle to remind me
that He loves me,
is merciful and prefers
I learn to yield to Him.
It was close to ten in the evening...

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Linking up with Darlene and Shanda for this humbling mom lesson !


  1. I LOVED that story, and I am exceedingly glad that you didn't enter heaven's gates with a pickle in your throat!!! Geepers...that was a close one! God sure know how to get our attention doesn't He? With me, it was a serpent in the garden and a baby bird...
    Thanks for sharing with us. Sorry you missed the super moon. I hear it was fantastic...but I went to bed instead...


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