Framed: DIY Super Easy Pet Frame Project

I received a sample pack of these dog treats for free!

I thought these were too cute and I knew I had to find something to do with them; I already had the frame and picture on my To Do project pile. 

I had already created another frame as a
Christmas gift for my mom 2 years ago-
here it is pictured on her wall.

First, I used spray shellac, and let the chosen biscuits
dry. Second, I glued them in place with the Gorilla Glue.
Lastly, I used the Q-Tip to swipe any glue from the frame
around the biscuits.

Adorable trail mix sized Milk Bones.
 I think they are so cute!

Tada! Look Ma, I'm crafty!
OK, so here is the finished project. 
I keep it out of Banjo's reach.
When I put it on a low table, it looked like he was going to try
to eat the frame...shellac and all!

So, as you can see this was super simple!
You could paint, or use more/different decorations. 
I know some of you could embellish and beautify 
a pet frame in a unique and really special way, so I want to invite you to go ahead and make one for your beloved pets and I am adding a link below. If you decide to make one, post a picture on your blog, and link up so we all can see. 

Make it simple or go wild!
Come on, please, try- will you?

I am linking up with Amy at One Artsy Mama
and Ramona at Create with Joy 
with my simple frame creation!

One Artsy Mama


  1. Dawn - you did a great job - you are crafty - I like the ideas of the bones on the outside of the picture. sandie

    1. Thank you, Sandy. I am only a wee bit crafty. ;)


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