The Dance

I see you dancing before me, my sweet girl. 
Completely free. 
Those early days you felt unhindered. 
Confident. Innocent. 
I see me, seeing you. 
Free, satisfied. What joy in my heart. 
I birthed beauty. 
A mystery. Beyond words. 
It breaks me in half, tears me in two. 
Often choices that never beckoned me, shriek out from the sidelines. 
Referees in my mind offering up rules, regulations, penalties. 
We learn together this parent-child relationship. 
Awkward like steps to a dance, unknown. Stepping on toes, tears. 
Frustrating moments and laughter, too. 
The desire to stomp out. 
Still stronger the longing to stay, and master each moment. 
Pressed close.
This dance...

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  1. Love this. I can totally picture this. How mother-daughter relationships can be and the whirling free dance of youth. I linked up behind yours at The Gypsy Mama and I'm so glad I did.

  2. I love this Dawn. Such a beautiful, complicated and simple dance that we have to learn as we go!

  3. That was really really sweet. I love this...so personal and reflective. I love it.

  4. Oh my God. Yes, really, I mean that, OH MY GOD--HE gave you this. This powerful gift of poetry, this beautiful life of your daughter, this dance you share with her. The words "I birthed beauty"--they pierce to my heart (to every mother's heart). Yes, Yes, YES!

  5. reading this made smile and reflect on some of my own happiness.Thank you and Blessings

  6. Oh Dawn, this is aboslutely beautiful. Your words are truly a gift!

  7. The beautiful dance of being a parent and watching your child grow. You capture it well.

  8. Beautiful description of the relationship between parent and child!! Blessings and Hugs!


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