Meatball Pie For The Colonel's Wife

Dedicated to my friend and Cooking Inspiration
@ Walking On Sunshine- Lois
Wife of The Colonel!
Yes, you are at the correct Blog. No, I am not turning this into a Cooking Blog...shudder at the thought! But I have a unique post dedicated to a special friend today. This friend inspires me and I so do enjoy her heart for serving her family in love and also for featuring simple steps to cooking yummy delights for the domestically challenged like myself! Lois has a lovely Blog: Walking On Sunshine where she shares the best posts for simple recipes, home-cooked love and sweet, inspiring faith-filled thoughts and pondering regularly!

Now and again when I have the inclination to cook, I send a quick e-mail or Facebook  her and ask if she has any recipes on her blog to help this poor little kitchen misfit...Lo and Behold she sends me a link and I am off and running with confidence to press on to new domestic heights-much to my family's satisfaction!

Isn't she a cutie?

Well last week, I had a light bulb moment. I love meatballs. I do not know why, but I thought- wouldn't a Meatball Pie be yummy? Of course, I immediately messaged Lois. She told me that although she had made Calzones, she had never made a "Meatball Pie". She told me to be sure and "post" a picture! I thought since Lois is always such a blessing that I would do a special post just for her, the Colonel's Wife! I took the photos with my phone but hope you get the picture. Tee - hee! 

Really quick and easy- next time I will do all
homemade and really impress my family!

I simmered the meatballs in sauce- nice and hot (they are precooked anyway).

More cheese, please. This was not enough,
but all that was on hand.
It ain't easy being cheezy!

So if you want some wonderful inspiration or simple steps to follow for a recipe,
or hey, just want Lois to create a recipe post for one you would like to try-
 ( I bet she would do it if you ask nice- she's sweet like that),
stop by and visit her- make sure to give her some loving comments. 
I know she will appreciate it! 


  1. WOW! What a surprise. I'm in tears...seriously. It looks delicious and I will try this recipe!!!

  2. That actually looks good! I may have to try that someday. I like the quick variety. If I tried to do it from scratch, it would never get done. That would be an all day project! Your quickie version is great for working moms and tired women. Thanks!
    Details please: how long did you bake it at what temp? Thanks.

    1. I understand, Pam! OK, so I simmered the jar sauce (while I was writing a blog post...)then I added the meatballs in for @ 30 minutes. Preheated oven to 350 and put meatballs (w/sauce) into ready made pie crusts, added cheese @ 1 or so Cup- I would use 2-3+cups next time)baked in oven for 30-45 minutes (when pie crust got a little brown-I think I timed 30 but added ten at the end) I also added a brushing of olive oil in on the top for the last ten minutes. Impressive, right? lol. That is it...

  3. Replies
    1. Ashley see above comment for recipe details...

  4. Delish!!! I must try this...especially with pre-cooked meatballs :)

    1. Trust me Becky, if I can do it you can! It was easy!

  5. OHJ that makes my mouth water and it looks like something I could do even!! Yay, Hubs will love this!

  6. Oh my...I knew I shouldn't have read this post so late at night! I'll be dreaming about this... ;)

    1. Nikki, dreaming has no calories- Good thinking!


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