When You Least Expect It: Watch Out!

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There I stood. Working my shift at the bank. I had just returned from checking on Sheila who was sitting at the Drive Through window.They burst through the door like two cannonballs fired abruptly. I froze solid.
My breath was somewhere between my chest and the back of my throat. I gasped and they immediatly commanded me to "Freeze" with my hands in sight. If I wasn't in shock I might have said, with a touch of sarcasm, "Can't you see me here "freezing", idiot? Believe me my sarcasm was nowhere in sight. Fear clutched  my heart, as my mind tried to make sense of it all. It was all so fast. Yet slow motion. I heard "No-one will get hurt, as long as you do as your told." My heart raced. The room was spinning. I felt dead, but the adrenalin coursed through my veins. Stillness and speed, every fiber of my being about to erupt. "Breathe." I hear my own voice repeat within my head. "Just Breathe." Oops, that was out loud. My words are met with immediate response: "Just shut-up or die". Suddenly, I realize...it's all a joke. April Fool's Day! Ha! Did I have you going? Did you like the way I sucked you in? Are you breathing? Are you OK? You know I have never worked in a bank, right? I was just practicing a little bit of my Fiction Writing. What do you think? Not speaking to me because I gave you a heart attack? Sorry about that. I think the reasonable thing to do here is forgive me. Right? Right? I couldn't resist. It's the Rabid Writer in me! Happy April Fools Day! Enjoy and Happy Pranking!


  1. You had me going :) April Fool right here .... Have a great day. X

  2. Dawn -- DAWN!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!!!

    You crazy gal. You had me going as well. All I can do is shake my head and smile, you bloggy BFF after my own heart!

    Love and forgiveness,
    Pam ;)

  3. OK that. was. mean! Haha! But yes. you grabbed me and I stayed till the end!

  4. Holy cow!

    You got me!

    And got me good.

    I looked at that picture and my heart was just pounding for you.

    This was one of the best April Fools jokes I've had today!


    But you are a stinker!


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