Thorns Among Roses

It breaks my heart I confess,
as I remember her twirling
in her dress
happy, silly,
swirling mess 
of curls,
perfectly beautiful,

It crushes the breath from my lungs
as I recall the songs we sung,
of Wise Men and mangers and a Virgin's "womp",
innocence, honesty and grace
with words misplaced,
but a family
sitting close 
singing Hymns 
on the couch 
the presence of a Savior, 
smiling over it all.

As I consider 
these recent days
with challenges and struggles-
and growing haze
blurry eyes, and lies-
 certain "friends"
wise in their own eyes,
and careless words-
like thorns among roses,
they hurt.

I recall my own younger days
when it was so hard to see through the haze,
the tangle of lies, and cruelty of kids -
whose parents were equally cruel...
I see it again.
like thorns among roses,
they were.

So I pray
and I hope
and I confess.
I doubt,
I fear,
and too often digress.
I try, and I fail
and I trust 
in what I can't see.
Love is not blind at all,
but full of clarity.
And faith.

I strive to remember the hope inside me-
I try to encourage 
despite what I see
I ask, and I chide and I often remind
she is loved.
She is loved.
She is loved.

I turn away from the judging eyes,
breathing in the breath of faith 
that keeps me alive,
asking for wisdom and courage 
to face... the days ahead
with love and grace.

I think back to her,
 twirling in her pretty dress, and her hair all tousled,
a beautiful mess;
and I only wish she could see she's blessed.
Believe she's blessed.
She's blessed.

©Dawn Paoletta


  1. I know the pain of which you speak, my love. The causes here in our family may be different from yours, but we still share that pain. Persevere with your reminders that she is loved and blessed. We may not think or believe they are listening -- but they are.

    And remember -- you STILL have the presence of a Savior. The powerful, comforting, loving presence of a Savior.

    Grace & peace, to my BBFF and companion in battle! <3

  2. You are loved by many! Hugs, sandie

  3. Beautiful poem Dawn. It made me tingle and tear up. So emotive. There is much love in these words. Bless you. X

  4. What a beautiful poem! thanks for sharing it with us.



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