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Welcome to my reading life for this month! 

I am still working on last months pile but I did finish some excellent reads over the past month and I appreciate the opportunity to share my teeny list anyway, despite my slow reading I really enjoy my words and chew them well! Besides, reading about all of the reading everyone else is doing, surely puts a fire to my bottom to finish what I start. Which is also why  reviewing books saves the life of my books from landing in the pile of obscurity and also helps me to stay with it until the end! 

So this past month I did complete The Hunger Games Trilogy! Wow, I thoroughly enjoyed escaping into the world of Katniss Everdeen and the amazing world Suzanne Collins created for this intriguing character. I read Catching Fire and Mocking Jay without skipping a beat. Before I finished the first book it was easy to see that this would be an epic film. I am looking forward to the movie but so glad I read the books first! A rare victory for me (due to the slowness of my reading and the quickness of filmmakers!) 

Completing Patrick Conroy's "My Reading Life" changed my life in some way. I loved the way he shared the story of the great, influential stories he has read and more so the wonderful, colorful portrayals of people he has journeyed with along the road of his writer's life. I got it out from the library, but might need to own my own because it became my favorite bed partner for a few months. I'm a little lonely at bedtime without Mr. Conroy's rich descriptive, amusing writing. 

I am right in the middle of Jeannie Palette's Beckoned By The King" An Intimate View of Psalm 119 and hope to share an author interview and review very soon! 

I read for review From Blah to Awe by Jenna Lucado Bishop and found a few inspiring insights to hang onto from her Young Adult offering. I had to push myself through the beginning but found that I enjoyed her candor about her struggles to come to terms with her own "blah" attitudes towards God. 

A few of last months reads are in the stack waiting to be read. I blame that primarily on Suzanne Collins and Patrick Conroy! But that's just the way I slowly roll. 

I am reading Praying For Purpose for Women by Katie Brazelton. It is a 60 day journey with various Christian women and scripture reading with the focus of mentoring through prayerfully seeking spiritual direction toward our unique mission in life. Course it will most likely take me 120 days to get through, but I will say I am enjoying the richness of it with my morning coffee and journal time. 

Awaiting the book Called to Controversy: The Unlikely Story of Moishe Rosen and the Founding of Jews For Jesus by Ruth Rosen to read for review from the wonderful people at Booksneeze

I know you will get a giggle when I tell you this but I have the urge to read The Decline And Fall of The Roman Empire by Edward Gibbon. For Review. OK, that last part was a joke! I have read parts of it in college but not right through. Most likely that will be on my nightstand for the rest of the year, but at least it moved from my bookshelf to that most coveted and dusty place by the bedside! 

Although I generally do not read a lot of fiction I feel the need to read more now that Mr. Conroy has helped me accept the fact that I will never be able to read it all , I certainly can read and develop my own reading life better. However humble that may be. I am open to your best suggestions! I miss my wonderful escape of the past couple of months! I have discovered anew the power of story and am grateful! Add to this, I have started to write (officially) my first book. I am terrified, excited and moving along in this new endeavor! 

Don't forget if you comment to offer me your best Fiction suggestion. 
Not too many pages, OK? 
For instance Stephen King's new one looks good but 
WOW- that's a lot of pages for this girl!

Happy Reading, friends-
See you next month!


  1. Great list. I read and adored The Hunger Games trilogy like everyone else, so anxious for the movie! Some fiction books I've read recently and loved are These Is My Words by Nancy Turner (a bit heavy but so good) and The Help if you haven't read it yet was also really good. Along the YA dysutopian genre I'd highly recommend the Uglies series by Scott Westerfeld - I read them years ago and loved them and still think about them today.

  2. Have you read Conroy's other works? Great Santini is the best in my opinion. I thoroughly enjoyed My Reading Life and it had a big impact on me as well--I've also heard a few other readers admit that which is nice.

  3. You sure got a lot more read that I did. I though by the beginning of your post you might have only read one or two...You have me wanting Beckoned By The King...Sounds great! Loved my visit to your place! Hope to stop in again soon!

  4. Loved The Hunger Games! I need to re-read the first one before seeing the movie, it's been a while. And oh, fiction, there are so many great novels out there! Jen already suggested The Help, I'd also suggest The Guernsey Literary and Sweet Potato Peel Pie Society, Kristin Hannah's Night Road... if you like Biblical fiction then The Dovekeepers was wonderful. Also yes, 11/22/63 (King's latest) is long but oh so good. Happy reading!


  5. just finished "A Renegade's Guide to God" by David Foster, working on "Return to Authentic Christianity" and am enjoying "Against All Enemies" by Tom Clancy...plus my Bible.

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  7. I absolutely loved Pat Conroy's My Reading Life. He even made me want to read Gone with the Wind, a book I have never, ever desired to read!

  8. I have a book that is somewhere between craft and spirituality that was graciously sent to me hot off the presses from the author. I feel so bad it is gathering dust. Knit with Love by Lisa Bogart. Off to run an errand with my daughter that will leave me sitting in my car. If I don't knit I can read. tee hee as Lisa would say.


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