Open Note to Visitors of Beneath The Surface: Breath of Faith

Hello Friends, Fellow Bloggers and Random Visitors!

If you have dropped by and taken the time to read or comment on my Posts I want to welcome and thank you! I know it is a busy world out there and we all are being pulled in 90 different directions at once from every angle imaginable. I am blessed and encouraged to share my "ramblings" on the internet in this very open forum. However I want to let those who may not know me personally at this time, know that I am just figuring out the details and have been bumbling around, clicking and figuring as I go. Please extend me some grace as I had know idea there were so many blogs in existance! I am amazed and overwhelmed. So if you have stumbled upon my little blog and I have not responded to your comment- it's not because I don't care it's because the last two times I tried to comment, my own comment would not be accepted! I can't comment on my own blog! Go figure! Apparently this is not uncommon with the Google Blogs so I am looking into that. In the meantime, thank you for "Following" me on Google, "Liking" the page on Facebook and signing up for e-mails. I also appreciate the encouragement and direction I have received from a couple of fellow bloggers who have helped me greatly with some of the details of this crazy, wonderful ride! I pray that my writing is a blessing, and hope you feel free to comment and forgive me in the meantime as I get my blogging act together!

Until next time Keep digging Beneath The Surface! In His Grace, Dawn

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  1. Love your blog and I think you are doing great. I've been blogging for a couple of years now and haven't moved a step forward in updating anything. You inspire me to get going. Blessings!


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