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Inspiring Women Series

Some of my Poetry

·      This Too Shall Pass
·      The Fight
·      Ode To A Deadbeat Dad
·      Egyptian Princess
·      Goliath Comes
·      When War Wages
·      When The Beach Calls
·      When In Doubt
·      What God Knows
·      Waiting.On.God
·      Under Desert Skies
·      Today and Always
·      Thorns Among Roses
·      The Poet I Know Not
·      The Day That Got Away
·      The Dark Prophetess
·      He Is Redefining Me
·      Rebel Christian Chick
·      Prayers Like Bouquets
·      My Kind of Gym
·      Heaven's Hug
·      Anxious
·      A Testimony
·      A Mother's Prayer

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Some of my Book Reviews:


with Author Rachel Hackenberg