The Place of Grace (5 Minute Friday: Grace)

What I need. What you need. For today, yesterday and all our tomorrows. What I need right now. For this current frustration. For my fear, for my doubt. For my defeat and my tears. For my discouragement, and cares, that weigh so heavy on my soul. For my unworthiness, and sin...
Lord, more grace, I ask. More grace to give, more grace to live:

 "Bread of Heaven feed me till I want no more
 Fill my cup,
 fill it up and make me whole."

Some days I wish I wasn't so needy. So desperate for grace. Hungry for truth. I ache from within for more. Nothing satisfies but this one Man- this Son of God. This Bread of Heaven.

I become beggar. Satisfied with crumbs.
Yet, He lifts me up, to the table, of His grace, pulls me, to lean my head close to Him-
whispers mercy...
invites me to sup with Him.
Quiets my soul.

I, though unworthy, am satisfied.
 Content in His presence and grace. 

So grateful to have made it through #31days and to rejoin here for 5 Minutes of write! 

Five Minute Friday


  1. What a beautiful picture of grace at His table.

  2. Love you friend! Bask in His loving embrace today!


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