Anemic Soul


Weary of followers, un-followers, tweets.
Weary of these heavy shoes on my feet.
Weary and burdened by all of the toys,
I long for release, from all of the noise-
via news feeds, 
shout-outs and over-share hell
it feels like I'm drowning, but how could I tell?

Newspapers, and books and screens scream loud
 my voice is lost 
in this innumerable crowd.

I cringe at the thought of just one more thing,
or piece of advice and the anguish it brings.

Your Facebook, and Tumbler and Instagram, too
Overload my brain, and mind it's true
I try to escape but wherever I go, 
somebody's sharing
above and below.

Please make it stop, 
from every which way,
or call me unsocial
if my feelings betray-
my soul is anemic,
so don't delay.

I think I'd be happier still if I,
curled up in a corner
alone and asked why-
with paper and pen and a very small space,
return to the closet 
with my writing and grace-
I 'll disappear without a trace
and live happily ever after
in my own happy place. 

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  1. I will not refrain from comment though... very thoughtworthy.. I still check my status all the time... ha.

  2. I was cogitating about this very topic only yesterday. You put it well

  3. Dawn, I liked these lines VERY much, 'return to the closet with my writing and grace.'
    Those 'other' voices can be so loud....it takes a constant vigilance to stop them.
    Great write!

  4. One of my favorite monastic sayings seems an appropriate response (and perhaps what your soul is crying out for): Said the teacher, “Go sit within your cell
    and your cell will teach you wisdom.”
    The disciple said “But I have no cell. I am no monk.”
    The teacher said “Of course you have a cell. Look within.”

  5. pen and paper often bring me more happiness....
    i took the weekend away...and it felt great to be mostly unplugged and just living...i gave up FB years ago...i barely tweet...just blog...smiles.

  6. Sigh!!!! this is just lovely :)
    And I must say the sounds of the ocean....aaaahhhhh!!!!!

  7. Oh, I hear you on this. Sometimes social media CAN be overwhelming. It is nice to take a break from it sometime, to realize that life without it can go on JUST fine!

  8. i read an article recently that there are nowadays more information in one thick daily newspaper than what our grand-grandparents had during their whole life... i think the information overflow is one of our big challenges to handle in this time...

  9. Oh wow! THIS is amazing! I hope you don't run away though. I promise not to bombard you with information. :)

  10. I can relate, and yes find that quiet, disconnected happy place! But promise to come back! <3

  11. Love it! You and I are both feeling the same social media frenzy I see :) Love your expression here, and I understand the struggle all too well.


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