The Road Ahead

Yesterday is gone.
Tomorrow will be here soon enough.

Today is your chance 
explore a new path.

The road to better health, 
is one that is paved by choice.

One moment at a time.

Every morning is an opportunity
to start fresh.

Breathe deep,
look toward the dawn 
of a new day.

Look away from yesterday.

Leave behind what is not useful 
to you for this day;
 These are attitudes which will hold you back
on your journey.

The only thing you need for the road ahead 
is a smile of anticipation. 

All else will be provided, 
at the proper time. 

Step lively, firmly and confidently.

Your destiny awaits you

Tuesdays I link up with a poem for dVerse Poets Pub

All month in October the focus is Fitness which includes Body, Mind, Spirit and Soul!
We must take care of the whole of our being- Avoiding extremes- which is human tendency, but seeking balance in all. Wherever we are along the journey.

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  1. Love this. Should be printed and put up on walls! Lovely.

  2. A journey of spiritual paths, love it. :)

  3. i like the philosophy behind this...the living in the now...the letting go of yesterday...each day being a fresh start to begin anew, no matter what happened yesterday...

  4. I very much agree with your philosophy. We have to live today as it is...and live one moment at a time!

  5. A wonderful mantra to read daily. Thank you!

  6. I love how you are so ready and willing to help and inspire people, I love your dedication.

  7. Beautiful! One moment at a time! I am visiting from Winsome Wed. this morning :)

  8. That is what we should do :-)


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