Sunday Afternoon in the Park (Walk With Me)

I took a walk around Roger Williams Park on Sunday afternoon.
I really only walked a small part of the 435 Acres, but I drank in the foliage and enjoyed the beautiful natural exhibits. I had intended to see more - especially my fave, The Temple to Music, but my little feet were begging to stop, as I had worn boots instead of sneakers. Of course, this is the time of year when the very popular Jack-O-Lantern Spectacular happens, and there are always many things going on at the Roger Williams Zoo, the Botanical Gardens, The Museum and more...but I was just meandering and taking in the exquisite sights freely offered up on the grounds. Walk with me...

I believe in living like a local tourist! 

BUT with a few words: 


  1. What a beautiful place for a walk! The autumn colours are glorious. It's such good advice to live like a local tourist. It's easy to miss the beauty right on your doorstep.

  2. Looks like a lovely park for walking. I enjoyed looking through the beautiful autumn scenery. : )

  3. Beautiful autumn scenes. Great for walks and relaxing.


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