Of Friendship and Kindred Spirits

"If I died tomorrow and you came upon my words, 
would you know me any better, 
would you let my voice be heard?"

So long ago 
I wrote these words, 
 a teen, 
struggling to find my voice...
figuring out who I was, 
 who I would be-
feeling small,
without a choice.

Surely I was a stranger 
even, to me.

But I've met a few,
brave enough, 
to gently 
peel away the layers

exposing my soul-

without breaking my heart...

I've met a few,
willing to travel the road,
pull back the veil
carry the load-

Who offer up words that bring
 light and grace,
softening my face-
easing my fears,
by their presence.

I've known some still, 
in kin
but not flesh
dear to my heart
on whom I depend.

I remain...
dependent on the love of 
one faithful friend.

Forever, friends remain
a part of us, 
in life, in death
do they really depart from us.

"If I died tomorrow and you came upon my words, 
would you know me any better, 
would you let my voice be heard?

Linking with dVerse, in memory of a fellow poet, I did not know,
but who was a kindred spirit in love of words.

To all of my friends, and kindred spirits, 
rejoice in today,
for tomorrow is a dream.


  1. Dawn, this is a very, VERY moving poem. I am impressed with the words you wrote as a teenager. I would like to think we really would be known by our words, if they were to be discovered after we are gone. I really think our words perhaps are our strongest legacy....our essence preserved in the best possible way. I also feel the same about the importance of friends. A true friend is a true gift! Very thoughtful writing here.

  2. an honest write...i think in some ways we would all like to be known...and to have our voice heard...and even wondered at our own significance in the grand sceme of things...i think our words are little windows in...

  3. Hi Dawn - I agree this is very honest, that's the charmm

  4. I can so relate to your words Dawn. Beautiful write, great photo as well.

  5. i think it's our deepest wish to be heard...to be known... i was asking the same question as a teenager... and yes i do think that our words say much about who we are..

  6. I do believe I will be remember for my words, both spoken and written. The words I leave behind will say much about my life in Christ. Have a great weekend!

  7. Hi Dawn! What a fascinating question...can anyone really know us from writing? I don't think so. We are so complicated and random...how could we give our lives to words and capture it all?

    How interesting that you were asking such a deep question at such a young age. You were a budding writer! That is so cool.

    I wish for us, that we will always have 'forever' friends. And remain good blog-friends too.

  8. Those words coming back to you from the past... really impressive how you weave them into this... very moving... it's like meeting a stranger I assume to meet your old words.

  9. SO beautiful.......in my long life, my friends have been truer kin to me than some of my own....which often seems to be the case as we choose kindred spirits, as you say, to be our friends.


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