A Psalm for Dark Days

The Valley of the Shadow of Death, 1866
Sir Joseph Noel Paton

You fill me,
every waking hour-
 I am yours.

 Though I stumble and falter
You stand strong.
Your right hand does hold me.

Oh, Lord, though I walk through the valley of death,
and darkness surrounds me-
You are there.

You are my ever present help in times of trouble.
I walk with eyes fixed on You.

Lord, my eyes will not 
depart from your
steady gaze,
in this current haze-
and though hell itself rises up,
to crush me-
You stand strong,
and take the blows.

You shield me.

When I think I can't go on,
You carry me,
lay me down 
and stroke my hair
with gentle hand.

With you, I persevere.

While I sleep
You nurture my soul
and make me whole.

I am content knowing you are near 
as close as breath,
and in death 
I will not fear.

Even now
You are here.

With you I remain-
You stand strong.

* I am a fan of religious art throughout all time- and this is my favorite painting. It ministers to me beyond words. I have a very small copy I cut out from an art book many years ago. I hope someday to own my own framed print. When I wrote this poem early this morning, this image came to my mind again. 

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  1. nice...this makes me think of one of the psalms you know....reads like one....and def keeping your eyes on...i try...i may fail at times but i try...smiles.

  2. nice...i'm loving the psalms...so much comfort and honesty in what the people wrote... often so raw and straight from the heart... can def. feel your heart in this as well

  3. There are definite echoes of a few of the Biblical Psalms; the 23rd is definitely in there. Lovely poem of faith, Dawn.

    1. There are a few psalms reflected -absolutely! 23, 27 as well as a number of scripture!

  4. This is truly beautiful and so expressively written. And may I also say, I absolutely love the wave song on your blog. marvelous! (How do you do that? )

    1. The waves are compliments of Grooveshark! If you scroll to the bottom of my blog page, you will see a little Box and you can check them out and create any combination of music, sounds, song! Thanks for the visit, and words.

  5. Very well written. Very comforting. :-)

  6. a bit of a modern day psalm - I liked it

  7. Beautiful Dawn! Absolutely beautiful!

  8. "I walk with eyes fixed on You." I've been looking at the wrong thing. Thank you for showing me that in such a beautiful way.

  9. Love the ocean with a beautiful prayer. Thanks.


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