They Called Her "Red" (5 Minute Friday-Red)

I miss her. I miss her an awful lot. Actually I didn't realize how much until this prompt, right here, tonight. Red. And my mind washed over blank as can be. Until it hit me. Red. Red. They called my Grandmother,  Red. They. Other adults, that is. She was Grams to me. And she quite liked it. How much she meant to me? Immeasurable. I miss her to Heaven, right now. Memories of Dunkin Donuts on Friday nights when I would sleep over. And she would buy a dozen. Powdered, Cinnamon, Chocolate. And they were for me, as much as I would want...and we'd watch Lawrence Welk and all of those old folks shows. And coffee with cream and sugar on Saturday morning, with eggs and bacon. If food is love, she loved me full! Homemade olives, and soups. Roasts and marinated mushrooms. Everything made with scrumptious love. Followed by Sunday Football. 
I miss her. I miss her love. I miss her to Heaven, is what I mean.
I want to hang on to every delicious memory. 

I could have written all night...because in the writing I was remembering and she felt real again. Oh, I miss that Gram with the red hair.

OK, 5 minutes and write whatever you want...come on over!

Five Minute Friday

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  1. Oh friend... I feel ya.

    I woke up this morning aching for my Grandma who passed away 5 years ago. I just identify with all that you wrote so much.

    Bless you.

  2. Thank you... I am blessed to have my grandmother staying with me... taking care of me after surgery right now... and because of your post I will remember to cherish this time.

  3. Is that a picture of your Grandma? You look just like her!!! I know how much you miss her... I miss my Grandmas and my Mama. We are blessed to have such memories. Thank you for sharing these with us.

  4. You do look so much like her, Dawn. What sweet, precious memories. She left you quite the legacy, my friend. Thanks for allowing us to take a peek at some of it. :)

  5. OH I know this ache...
    Your grandma was a beautiful woman...and she radiates through you, friend! {HUGS} Great write.


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