The One


Butterflies, birds,
blanks and lined

I sought the best,
that I could find

I carried each
away with me

to peruse alone
while sipping tea

thirteen virgins
stacked high-
and I
beheld and touched
till satisfied

the one to be
receiver of 
every epiphany

confidante, companion, lover, friend
perfect match for my favorite pen

I love them all
to the very end
then I toss each aside,
I won't pretend

thirteen narrowed 
down to 

this search for the next 
is finally done. 

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  1. smiles.. i have lots of journals piled up on the shelf and i always knew it was the right one as soon as i saw it..kinda love on first sight...smiles

  2. Love the very first stanza... its alliterations sings for me... those thirteen virgins got me a little confused.. but maybe that's a good thing.

  3. It is good to have narrowed the search down to one. Making THE decision seems the right, but a difficult, thing!

  4. Well written. I know the feelings you've expressed. >KB

  5. This was cute...I'm envious of you having so many...I've kind of given up on the handwritten journals because my handwriting is getting so bad and I type so much better...but I miss the intimate writing of pen on paper. Arthritis is slowing me down. sigh. I may try again. You've inspired me anew.

  6. smiles....now you get to fill it up....and it defines any search...and sometimes those choices are not the easiest....

  7. I love this, I've found myself doing the same. It can be hard making that decision though.

  8. LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! (did I mention how much I love this?)

  9. The searching for the one...beautiful ending ~ I love this ~

  10. Lovely poem! I had to read it a few times to grasp it all, but I like that in a poem! :-)

  11. as I was reading this lovely poem it came to mind that the writing of a poem is like choosing a literal confidante, a best friend in which you can share all your private thoughts and truths..

  12. I couldn't help but to think of the pornography fix..and most unfortunately i suspect that eliminates the potential for many people ever to find the poetry fix..as it last much longer...and recorded for to build on for future use.


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