Resolution Solution

I have been clearing the paper clutter and came across this little ditty I wrote, apparently on December 29, 2005. It made me smile and I decided to share this instead of my original poem share today. 
To new beginnings and fresh starts, any time of the year.
Even today.

Here it is:

Smile more,
laugh more,
worry less-
focus on blessedness.

These are my solutions
to stress and strife
and woes of life.

Add this:
end talk pollution!

Linking with dVerse and Emily for Imperfect Prose- smiling at my old 
scribbled words found today!


  1. Hi Dawn! I was thinking that this was a short post, and then I read the last line of your 'little ditty'. Then I just starting laughing!

    These are really words to live by. Sometimes people just talk to fill the air with their noise, and I am one of those people sometimes. Short can really be sweet!

    Nice to see you!

  2. Oh this was sweet... and I love that last line. It would be nice to find such little gems somewhere.... But I was not a poet then.

  3. smiles...some nice things to remember and to repeat each day to remind ourselves.....what to focus on and what not to....

  4. yes...less worry and more laughter...makes life much easier to digest...and we tend to forget way too often... thanks for the reminder

  5. That totally rocks! Thanks for sharing that gem you found.

  6. What a beautiful idea for a new beginning indeed! I agree very much about smiling more.

  7. Good words to live by. Noise is a pollution that too much talk contributes to.

  8. Very cute Dawn! You are an inspiration to me.

    Blessings and love,

  9. in a world of smiles
    the waves carried her voice
    across tectonic miles

  10. This is great, Dawn. End talk pollution--so I'll keep this comment short. :-)

  11. I agree ~ Thanks for reminding us ~


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