Not So Pretty Story but Beautiful Ending (5 Minute Friday: Story)

Five Minutes on Story...

When I was growing up I decided I didn't like my story. I wanted to have the power to change it. Forget it, or at least write a new story.I didn't want the story that was mine because is felt dirty, was dirty. It included Un-story like circumstances. Divorce, sexual abuse, neglect, pain were all part of my story. My story included labels and names I wanted to tear off, like runaway, delinquent, drop out, and slut. Not pretty, right. I've worn all of those stories and yet, I am not ashamed. 

Because the One who gives His glory has altered my story completely.
Stopped this girl, in her tracks, picked her up, washed her clean and set her on a new path.

I am not the sum total of these labels or names. They don't hurt me anymore.
I am not enslaved by them. They hold no power over me, anymore.

I have been set free, by the One who sets the Story straight.
For good.


(I was going to edit the s word but it was raw and from the heart so hoping you will give me grace - just keeping it, ok?) 

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Five Minute Friday

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  1. Wonderful. God has such a way with stories. Thank you for sharing a bit of yours tonight.

  2. Grace given to you! Any other word and it wouldn't have been truth! I pray God keeps using your story for the good of Him!

  3. I love how He redeems and frees us...this is beautiful. Thank you for sharing this piece of your heart. Blessings! :)

  4. "Been set free by the One who sets the story straight" - oh mercy - YES! Raw beauty wouldn't be half so beautiful polished up. Powerful write, Dawn. So powerful.

  5. sets the story straight. oh mylanta, yes! I LOVE that! because it's true...
    you keep that story as raw as it is, friend. His glory penetrates all the more because of it...{HUGS}

  6. Exactly: "I have been set free, by the One who sets the Story straight."
    He sets the story straight even when we can't see how it could ever work out. Thanks for sharing this, Dawn.

  7. I am so glad you've been set free in Christ. Yes He does set the story straight.

    Blessings and love,


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