Dear Captain...

It's not your failures that bind us together but your faithfulness...

Your faithful love.

Dear Captain, 
You think you need to be perfect,
that couldn't be further from the truth.

See, even in your flaws and imperfections-
the ones you believe are the overriding issues,
God yet weaves a beautiful tapestry of grace.

We travel this sea of life,
You, our Captain-
a small ship
on a vast sea.
Storms whip up tumultuously
and you remain...
though inside you quiver.

When seas are calm 
you question yourself
and ship direction.
Still your presence is known
in small services and pleasantries.
Serving your crew while
doubting yourself,
but recall this:
your Captain, though unseen
is for you.

Dear Captain,
He stands at the helm always present.
Don' be afraid to trust Him.

He silences the rage of storms,
even those that carry on
are not beyond the reach of His arm.

So carry on, dear Captain-
Your gaze, keep straight ahead,
lead well, guard your ship.
Remember by whom you're led.

He will keep you faithful,
He will keep you strong,
He will carry you and yours 
through each and every storm.

Linking with some amazing poets with Brian Miller hosting at dVerse tonight !

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  1. This is beautiful, Dawn. It is always good to have a strong Captain looking out for us.

  2. smiles...i am sure the captain is smiling...and some good wisdom for him as well on when he does not need to be the captain...or when the captain knows best to knee to the admiral...smiles...

  3. I too think life is a lot like a journey on the open seas.... Having a Captain to guide us is truly important, like a staunch figure against the raging storm he leads us to safety as best he can. I like to think that we use our own rudders though...... Nice write Miss Holly...... I apologize but my entry is not at the link above.... blogspot doesn't allow for individual wordpress pages. My entry this week is actually at http://johnallenrichter.wordpress.com/2013/06/21/the-night/

  4. swish swish, that was too cool! Nice poem:) Yup God's the captain of my ship but as you said we're all the "rudders"

  5. yes it's true - he doesn't have to be perfect but we have to know his heart is right and that he wants the best for us - then it's easy to trust

  6. A strong statement. The captain metaphor was very effective. Always important to reiterate your faith.

  7. Your gift with words, whether blogging or poetry writing, never ceases to amaze and humble me.

    Love you, girl!


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