Where My Heart Belongs (5 Minute Friday: Belong)

This sweet gift was outside the door at our vacation cabin in Maine.

Well, Ann Voskamp is hosting Lisa-Jo Baker's 5 Minute Friday this week, and we are all excited with this sweet surprise.

So, join us and write your heart out for 5 minutes. 

Ann chose the prompt, "Belong"


It's funny, I was just thinking I was invisible. So often I feel I don't belong. I mean I do belong. Here, right? I mean, after all He put me here...in this place, at this time, gave me the desires of my heart. Yet it still creeps right in to my stream of conscience. That voice. It's alien, yet clear. "You don't really belong." My mind reels. I reject it. Taking that thought captive to the obedience of His great, unfathomable love. For me. Sometimes I don't feel like I belong. Heck, most times. But I do, belong. We all belong. To Him who belongs to we who believe. To  all...Oh, but I long to know it through me. Like an inside out hug. All the way through, I long to belong. 

Five Minute Friday


  1. Exactly. Even when we know we do belong where we are because God put us here, it still creeps up on us that we don't. Gotta be the enemy!

  2. That is so well put....like an inside outside hug. I really and truly feel your pain. As I read your post the Matthew West song played in my head...maybe this world is hard to make us long for home. (terrible paraphrasing). Great words of encouragement. HUGE HUGS! YOU BELONG and you are BEAUTIFUL!

  3. Love this--I know that feeling and you put it in words perfectly! Happy weekend!!

  4. Belonging is a crazy thing. We all feel invisible, but rarely to we say it. Thanks for the write, Holly.

  5. We long to belong but you are so right. We belong to Him. I love your phrase "like an inside out hug".

    Blessings and love,

  6. "Like an inside out hug"--yes! Well said.

  7. Dear Dawn
    It is the way we were created; that need to belong to our Pappa God. Until we come to Jesus, we will never be satisfied.
    Blessings XX

  8. I think we all feel like we don't belong sometimes, but you do just the right thing. You reject it! You say that feeling doesn't 'belong' there.

    Good for you!!

    Happy Friday!

  9. ..And as long as you belong to Him! That is all that matters! :)


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