I Have Felt His Presence

I Have Felt His Presence

and faraway
and every day...
[present, now, especially today]
O magnificent Ocean
You are but a drop of water
held within His hand
[Behold His glory]
Every sparkling glimmer 
dancing upon the sand
[Look closely]
I have seen His glorious work!
But where sand meets sea
is where He anointed me...
Splendid and beautiful place
He has chosen His merciful grace
as a gift imparted to me...
My Lord blesses me
here by the sea
I seek His grace and loving-kindness
He kisses me with Sun and warmth
Caresses me with 
 gentle breeze
He embraces me with loving light
Heals me with salty air
and cleanses me with 
His foamy, 
green waters of righteousness
of whom shall I compare?
None I dare.
Praise Be To God
I see His glory in every hue of blue 
of the sky
and wonder why
He would choose me
from the land
as part of His unfolding plan. 

*Originally shared with modifications for Random Journal Day (June 30, 2012)
Originally written 1997

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  1. i see his glory in every hue...we are surrounded by his touches if we are looking for them surely...smiles...lovely dawn...

  2. The ocean is like that for me, too. To feel and recognize God's presence is the most beautiful thing in the world.

  3. This is so beautiful, Dawn. Love how God reveals his glory through creation and moves us to write about it.

  4. What a gorgeous testament to your faith and gratitude. Beautifully written.

  5. So lovely and peaceful, Dawn...linking behind you at SDG :)

  6. A lovely hymn, to what we can be grateful to.. think it would fit to be sung...

  7. So beautiful! So inspiring! He is good... He is great.

    Wishing you a lovely day.

  8. Dear Dawn
    Oh yes, the beauty of nature is just the most incredible gift of our Pappa to us! I recall a divorced friend of mine who told our Pappa God that she has no one to give her flowers on her birthday. He told her to look out from the window and all she could see was a field of flowers. He told her this is His bouquet to her!!
    Much love XX

  9. " But where sand meets sea
    is where He anointed me...

    Me, too, sister! I never fail to see his awesomeness where sand meets sea. His presence is everywhere we go, but it's especially evident at the beach.

  10. This is lovely. I live at the beach and feel the same way. Nice visiting from IP.

  11. What a beautiful poem. Thank you!

  12. There is a psalmic quality to this, Dawn, which is really special. I love beaches and have had many special moments on them. Recently, however, I have felt very alone ...


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