The long lists 
of expectations 
elude her
 as she steps out into the light of day. 

Walking brings refreshment and new perspectives.


as she steps 
one foot 
in front of the other,
 seeking escape 
from the immediate
abundant demands 
of everyday existence 
making up the hours of her life. 

One foot in front of the other 
leads to anywhere 
but here 
and that brings comfort
 to her innards today. 

In this present moment. 

Comforted in walking into the mystery awaiting her  
Anywhere but this place, now. 

The sky above and the earth beneath her feet 
are faithful friends, 
awaiting her appearing. 

The crowded woods welcome her
 with embrace of 
enticing her senses, 
drawing her into their wisdom of ages. 
Whispering secrets and messages for her alone. 

Here is peace, she thinks as she wanders the woodlands so near. 

How these trees
 provide solace, 
soothing her tattered, 
weary soul. 

Each limb of tree 
an extension of friendship, 
reaching out,

 She is renewed here 
in this solitary place.

 Encircled in light infused branches of creation. 

Love seeps into her every pore.
Replenished by smells, sights, touches; 
devoid of noise. 
Quietness restores the soul. 
Standing in the center
 she comes to stillness,
 imagining herself 
as one standing, 
Bound to earth yet reaching skyward; 
arms like limbs reaching,
 stretching toward the heavenly. 

Emerging from seed to oak, 
to seed in this never-ending cycle.
 Living, dying, emerging new again.

Ever new. 
Escaping the everyday emerging anew.

I wrote this back in March of 2012 for a Storyteller challenge at Shah Wharton's place.
With a bit of tweaking, walla- poetry. Well, kinda! 
See the original here: Escape the Everyday. (It's at the bottom of the post FYI!)

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  1. every day emerging anew is a wonderful thing eh? and growing into trees...there is much to be made of trees....roots deep seeking the moving water....smiles.

  2. I love walking in the woods nearly as much as I love walking in the Scottish mountains or on some of our beautiful beaches. I find all of these places refreshing and renewing, so I can relate really well to the heroine of your poem.

  3. one step, always one step at a time, this then is the only way we move...

  4. One foot in front of the other is all we can do many times....

  5. There are times--when all we can do is put one foot down in front of the other --and hope that where we are headed is better than where we are now--really beautiful writing

  6. Breathe deep and get in touch with the depths of your soul...

  7. ...beautiful... loved it! smiles...

  8. thank you for touching my soul with these words


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