The Road Ahead (Soli Deo Gloria)

"Forget the former things; do not dwell on the past.
Isaiah 43:18

You know when God is trying to tell you something...
Friends, He always wants to tell us...something.
Let us listen well. 


You say, "Ask".
I am asking, Lord. 
You say, "Seek".
I'm seeking, Lord. 
You say, "Knock".
I'm knocking, Lord.


I listen and try to figure it out.
But then it seems unclear.
Yet, I know He is a faithful teacher,
a solid guide.
One who longs to hear.

So I start trying to hear Him better.
Until it is clear.
I look right and left
until the right path appears.

I read His Word.
I pray.
I look for those little gifts that speak multitudes...
like dew on a flower,
a brambly path.
A bird singing in the morning
or splashing in the bath.

I listen.
And seek.

And wonder if He heard.
I ask myself,
does he really care for
each and every bird?

Then a breeze gusts through my hair
and I suspect that it's absurd.

What's absurd you ask?
I'll tell you this today,
For you or I to tsk, tsk
and fret,
act with dismay.

For He hears, and cares
and speaks- 
masterfully weaves His plan,
and He holds the smallest feather
and frets not at our demands.

He longs to teach us in each moment
if we will at last,
listen to His whisper
and not dwell upon the past.

Focus on the road ahead, 
He has much more for you
both here and hereafter
With you He is not through.

Nor is my Lord, finished with me,
I'll take my chances on His grace
and all sufficiency,
and the hope of His embrace.

Let's fix our gaze on the horizon
He will meet us there
set our eyes toward the sun,
turn away from our fear.
Look toward the East
For His Feast, let's prepare.
We will be together
always in His perfect care.

Finally, brethren, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is of good repute, if there is any excellence and if anything worthy of praise, 
dwell on these things.
Philippians 4:8

Soli Deo Gloria.
(For my SDG Sisters and Sisters in Christ everywhere, we are united in Him)



  1. I needed this today. We have a meeting of church leadership tomorrow and one of the things to be discussed is what God is saying to us these days. One of the elders asked me at dinner last night. Uh....nothing much, really. :/ I need to ASK him to speak clearly and unmistakably to my often dense self.

  2. I'm drinking this in and let it rest in my soul, sweet friend.

  3. You are a true poet, my friend. This captures the questioning, the trusting and our dependence on Him so well. Really wonderful!

  4. Thank you my friend. You never cease to amaze me with your gift of poetry and weaving a message between you and God that wraps around us like a mantle of grace. Beautiful!

  5. Not dwelling on the past...that is so hard. As a genealogist, that is what I do, day in and day out. But, on a very personal level, I find it very hard to let go of the past. I know that I need to, if only for my own sanity...I just don't know how to do it.

    Have a blessed week!

  6. Hi Dawn, I so needed to read that scripture today. After 6 long years of being embroiled in a "thing" it is hard to leave it in the past. Starting today to do just that!!!!!
    God bless

  7. Dear Lori
    Your words reminds me so much of a sermon I heard about 16 years ago, but still remember to this day. The pastor said that if we would jusy slow down enough, everyday we will see many bushes around us burning with the presence of our Lord!
    Blessings from Playdates.

  8. Oh friend, so beautiful. You have such a gift with your words.

  9. That is so beautiful. Thank you for sharing your talent.

  10. Beautiful poem on the wisdom of knocking and seeking! There is a lot we can learn from doing this.

  11. nor is the lord done with me...i will take my chances on his grace...smiles...i like that...listen..listen...he is right there...

  12. What a wonderful way to end my day. This is a beautiful and inspirational poem. It's easy to forget that we have to listen and speak to the Lord. He is always there to listen and guide. Blessings for such an uplifting poem.

  13. Such a positive contemplation, which reads like a song : )

  14. It's good to focus on the divine alignments and the path of good purpose. I like the idea of knocking and asking.

  15. Let us run with perseverence the race that is set before us ...: Hebrews 12:1 - which I preached on this past Sunday.

    Sometimes it's hard to know what God is saying/doing. Sometimes it seems like he's not interested in me/us at all. Often, it is in these widlerness times that our character is formed for what lies ahead.

    Thanks for sharing this devotional piece: I needed it.

  16. Beautiful, Dawn. Yes--He is a faithful teacher. Good words of encouragement, my friend.

  17. Wow! You have a gift for creating poetry out of the words He whispers into you heart! Beautiful! Thank you for linking this up last week at Walking Redeemed!

  18. I listen like Lao Tzu. The ocean is a great place to feel the divine.


walk along the shore with me and leave your footprints in the sand-
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