Those Feet (Remember: 5 Minute Friday)

I remember the first time I saw those feet.
Toes stretching wide, new life.

I became captivated with the perfection of something
 fresh from God's hands and was awed.
I spent days circling you while you slept, snapping pictures.
I'd stumbled upon treasure; 
somehow birthed these amazing gems- 
and was smitten with every move they made.
 Even now I am held captive by their charm.
 Reminded of the Father's handiwork. 
So I paint them and surround them with cute fashion 
yet they are never more beautiful than when they are full naked. 
Like that day I first aid eyes on them...on you. 
Precious girl.
Will I always be entranced by your feet?
I do believe it is a mother's prerogative and declare with loving confidence,
"Until the day I die!"

Joining in with Lisa-Jo for 5 minute writing Bliss!

Five Minute Friday


  1. Beautifully written..........I'm glad I dropped in....
    Fill free to visit me;)

  2. Beautiful post! It reminded me of the awe I felt when I met each of my children for the first time. Children truly are a miracle and blessing from the Lord. Thanks for sharing your heart today!

  3. this might be about the sweetest post i've read to day. loved how you wrote about such an intimate mama thing.

    daughters are pretty amazing, aren't they?

  4. Precious words Dawn, beautiful feet! She looks like you, I am sure :)

  5. Such a sweet post and a great reminder of how tiny and helpless I loved ones started out!

  6. Think how many times you kissed those precious feet before they started running to and fro so many places and new adventures. Interesting thoughts today ...precious memories of my own babies' feet...which are now all men's sizes 12 & 13. I don't get to kiss them anymore...(nor do I really want to..p.u.!...They don't look as cute and pretty as your sweet baby girl's feet!) LOL

  7. Awe! What cute toes those are too! :)


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