The Gift of Friendship (and days of grace)

At what point does a friendship become a safe haven? 

At what point does friendship cross the bridge of trust?

Where light reflects beauty and acceptance between two,
and comfort comes in wordless walks...

When does friendship invite the soul to the quiet place
that can be shared with the same peace that is found alone? 

When does friendship lead beside quiet waters?

When does friendship become a shelter for stormy days?

Friendship comes in unexpected places.
At unexpected times.


Friendship walks up right beside you,
without being asked.

Friendship brings sweet satisfaction that lasts long after ice cream melts, and is savored by those who share seasons in time together.


May you be blessed in the friendships God gives you.
Counting my blessings this Monday with Ann...
I was so blessed watching my daughter and her friend enjoy spending time together as we had a taste of Spring this past weekend.

401. quiet days, reflective walks
402. angry waves that minister grace
403. praying friends every Monday- oh how grateful I am these women are willing to gather together and pray
404. grace for Monday needed...and given- recovering from a busy weekend
405. local farmers and farmers markets filled with fresh, bountiful produce
406. kind librarians and casual conversations that feel like kinship
407. My husband's soup...yum. 

Thank you Lord, for the gift of friendship.
May I grow to be a faithful friend
as you are.

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  1. You captured the art of friendship beautifully with your words and your pictures! Linked up after you at Ann's

  2. This is so true and truly a gorgeous post! And I would like to add that I am SUPER THANKFUL for our friendship Dawn. What I have on you is something I need very much and you make me smile again and again. Love you!

    1. Thankful for you to my friend! The feeling is mutual. Totally!

  3. Lovely photo journey of friendship! Love it!

  4. Friendship is, indeed, a wonderful thing! Great post.

  5. That was beautiful. Watching two friends enjoying that time together...praying they always will be friends like that. We need those kinds of friendships...no matter what age. So glad you were able to capture those moments. Put that in an album for them both to treasure in the years to come.

    1. Thanks, Pam. If I can find the time to tackle that project- we'll see!

  6. What a beautiful post on friendship. I felt as if I was taking that journey of friendship right along with you!

    1. Thanks, Barbie. Our bloggy friendships take a similar journey, as well! ;)

  7. Friendship is a beautiful gift. I love how you used the photos to represent the journey of friendship. And your list of blessings reflects your grateful heart Dawn.

    Blessings and love,

    1. Thanks, Deb- always nice to see your face here!

  8. this is so sweet! i love your thankful heart. :)

  9. I am so blessed by this. Remembering and giving thanks with you for friendship.

    1. Thanks so much, Jen- friendship is such a gift!


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