Random Journal Day (March 2013)


Welcome to Random Journal Day!

Rules, Schmules...Check them out HERE!

Here I am late today, apologies tap-tap-tapping out of my keys to you all!

It has been a very busy month since last time we gathered.
Here it is the first of March and I am feeling the length of the days lately.
Spring is around the corner but still sleeping.
There are small hints of the waking, though.

I hear it in the bird's song outside my window, even now!

So I have a challenge for you all:
Find some time to get away...to the coffee shop, the beach-side, a quiet place of your choosing.
Get alone with your journal and write!
Or draw, create.
Just be...
isn't that the beauty of pouring out our expression on paper?
Oh, yes, I know you already do that!

If you write, DRAW or sketch.
If you DRAW, write or try a new way of expressing yourself.

If you paint try collage.
If you collage try scrap booking.


Today or during the next few weeks!

Shake yourself up.
Wake yourself up...

Spring will be here soon enough!

Please share your precious journal pages with us!
Inspire us, encourage us and be inspired and encouraged yourself!
Writer's, Artists, Journal Keepers of all persuasions!
Welcome, welcome ALL!


  1. I love this idea Dawn! I am struggling with my journaling nowadays, so maybe it will help to do it different or to simply go away.... Thanks.

    1. Marja, do something, anything that shakes up and makes awake your love for Him and the quickens the gifts He has placed inside you! Bless you, my friend!

  2. WOW! Look at these links- You all are FAST! Thank you, thank you. You bless me.

  3. I have been wanting to draw for sometime now. I love this idea!!! I would love to journal but not very good at it nor consistent. I would love to get back to drawing however.

    1. A great time to start! I like to tell people about fitness: a little is better than nothing. So draw a little! And that will be enough to start!

  4. Dawn- I love it! Shake it up! Wake it up! That is exactly what I am planning for March...going outside my comfort zone...I went for a walk today in the neighborhood to take photos...it felt risky...but it was worth it!

    1. I love to walk and take pictures! Today I took the two dogs so I could not take photos on my walk, my hands were too full! But I get such inspiration from nature and all I see when I walk. Kel, I adore the book by Lynn! I am literally walking from room to room, carrying it around! lol! I am jotting down some quotes to share.

  5. Dear Dawn
    You guys are looking forward to your spring and we in South Africa are waiting for our winter. We experience very hot and humid summers in my country and the coolness of autumn will be so welcome now. When it is cooler, I take out my knitting needles and start knitting up a storm.
    Thanks for your linky place.
    Much love XX


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