New Dawn Rising

Photo taken @ 5:15 AM on August 25th 2012-
the day after my birthday during a morning walk.
Narragansett Beach/Narrow River

I've been wondering as of late
about destiny, life and fate

How things don't always turn out
or amount
to what we thought they would, could or should

a mystery
beyond me

I never thought I would be
some of the things I have been

Surprising for me to see what, how and when

well beyond me

I never dreamed I would see
painted dreams

from within my head
portraits of reality

landscapes of my mind

hidden canvas
but to One
who sees all
bursting with beauty 

slow reveal
like the dawn
rising slow

horizon glow
sunbeams reaching 

touching all with radiance
gently awakening love
nudging forth grace 

right here
in this place
and love comes for me
and for you
with every new dawn rising...

to love's embrace.

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- with something fresh from the heart.


  1. I don't even know what to say. I'm just overcome by the beauty of your words and that picture together.

    Tearful thanks! <3

  2. You are blessed to have a lovely name Dawn. I love how it speaks of new beginnings, do-overs and light.

  3. life takes us along strange paths sometimes...always the unexpected in store which is good sometimes and sometimes frightening..i like when we can look at that pattern and in hindsight it makes sense...

  4. Fantastic! Isn't it great to connect with God through His creations? :)

  5. with every new dawn rising...as surprising as it is to use where we end up it is not to him...seeing the whole tapestry laid out...which makes each new dawn all the more...what surprises he has in store for us you know...smiles...

  6. Very nice poem about faith and the ability to find hope in a new day!

  7. Such inspired verse, Dawn. And the title is equally inspired! :) ~j

  8. Love's embrace is well worth rising for...

  9. This is beautiful. I love how life is a big journey and we never know how things are going to turn out and what surprises lie our way :)


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