Black Bird Rising (The Raven's Call)


I've discovered a dark bird-
he holds me in his gaze
and I am slowly
drawn into his strong, 
silent ways

he flies, is free 
has flown through time
with him I long to flee
alas is this blackest of birds
my ultimate destiny?

a keeper of secrets
 I've heard of him
I feel his presence
grow within

connected with 
this bird of prey
with my kin
I'll fly away

no corpses nor 
rotting carcasses
for him
but wisdom rises 
beneath his wings

What does he bring?
Deep hidden things,
mystical sight,
will his majestic darkness
bring new light?

I hear him now,
hear his cry
he's told me things to come-
past, present, future
he knows whence I come from

where he leads
 I must go,
from where I am now
I don't know-
the journey
my soul flies solo...
the wings of dawn draw nigh,
off, be gone now, 

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  1. This is deep. I will have to come back and read it again.

  2. nice to know the one that keeps the secrets you know...and even better to realize that he speaks to you....smiles...

  3. This is quite magical. He sounds like a worthy guide, and it is wonderful really to think of one's soul flying solo following the bird's lead.

  4. You are quite creative Dawn! Very interesting and yes ...deep.

    Blessings and love,

  5. This is a lovely and meaningful share ~ Such a joy to read today ~ Fly away ~


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