Online Ornament Exchange

I was very excited about being able to participate this year in my first online Ornament Exchange!
Amy over at One Artsy Mama partnered me with a Red Sox fan and Mama of two boys (with one on the way) all the way from Maryland! What a nice surprise came via my Postman on Monday.
This beautiful Hallmark Ornament. I feel blessed since I have bought Hallmark Ornaments for others but usually won't treat myself to the gift of these lovely treaures. I love that Amy matched me with someone who did not make an ornament but bought it as well- because I am not as crafty as I think I am on any given day! 

Thank you, Ashley, it's perfect! I hope you like yours!

Thank you, Amy for hosting such a wonderful opportunity!!


  1. So beautiful! I too participated in an ornament exchange and this is my reminder that I need to mail mine!


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